The 'Are You The One' Season 6 Cast Is Looking To Break Bad Habits & Find Their Perfect Match

MTV's reality dating vacation show is a little more complicated than other dating shows, as fans of Are You The One already know. After professional matchmakers research and pre-determine eleven potential couples, the unwitting singles are put through a series of dating challenges in order to find the one they were meant to be with by the end of the season. This year, the Season 6 cast of MTV's Are You The One includes a lot of men and women looking for love, but whose toxic dating habits could keep them from seeing the perfect match standing in front of them.

There's also a cash prize — the stakes are real. If all of the matches are made by the end of the series, the contestants will have split one million dollars. At the end of each episode, the group is told how many perfect matches there are, but not who they are. It's like a logic puzzle for your heart. You also get to go home once you find your match. It's the nicest way to get kicked off of a show ever, basically.

All matches went home together successfully in the first two seasons back in 2014, but later seasons have not had the same luck. It's up to these new contenders to regain that glory, take home the money, and find love. Here are the Season 6 cast members for Are You The One and some relevant tidbits from their bios on MTV.

Alexis Eddy


She says she's been known to self-sabotage relationships and avoid taking risks. Who among us can't relate to that?

Alivia Hunter


Alivia is an architect major who's good with math but terrible at avoiding patterns and believes she always ends up making the same mistakes.

Anthony Martin


Tony is a teacher with an active night life who is looking for something serious, but his normal habits aren't helping him find it.

Audrey Diaz


Another one who falls for the flawed — Audrey thinks she is known to be too forgiving.

Clinton Moxam


He's a serial monogamist whose friends call him "Big Sexy" — any questions?

David Shad


"The Shad" is competitive, and therefore has nearly impossible standards.

Diandra Delgado


In the past, Diandra thinks she may have rushed into relationships. What's wrong with loving love?

Dimitri Valentin


He says he has trouble expressing his feelings and tends to go for jokes instead. Tale as old as freakin' time.

Ethan Cohen


MTV says this "rapper from California wine country" goes by "E Money" but please, let's not call him that. Never.

Geles Rodriguez


Poor Geles. She says she's the girl who changes to meet a guy's expectations.

Jada Allen


According to Jada, her insecurities lie hidden behind thick emotional walls she's looking to knock down for the right person.

Joe Torgerson


A former Jehovah's Witness, Joe says he was sheltered from the real world and got hit with some bad experiences upon finally entering it.

Kareem Fathalla


Like some others on the show, Kareem says his main problem is that he commits too fast. What better way to solve that than with a reality show that has stakes, right?

Keith Klebacher


According to MTV, Keith falls for women who are "crazy — literally!" Let's hope the series can turn that problematic attitude around.

Keyana Land


Keyana says she is a natural fixer, which means she is often in relationships where her needs end up coming second to her significant other.

Malcolm Drummer


Malcolm is an aspiring architectural engineer (interesting) who wants to be considered boyfriend material and not just a fling.

Michael Dean


Unlike some of the other cast members, who rush into things and find themselves stuck in a commitment, Michael says he is notoriously quick to drop relationships and move on to the next person.

Nicole Spiller


Like many of the other cast members, Nicole says she disregards flaws and freely gives out the benefit of the doubt, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

Nurys Mateo


Wary of those who fetishize her ethnicity, Nurys is guarded and says she tends to be more comfortable as a "side chick" than someone's girlfriend.

Tyler Colon

One bad breakup has shattered Tyler's confidence, he says, and honestly sometimes that's all it takes.

Uche Nwosu


Her parents want her with a doctor or a lawyer, but she prefers athletes and musicians. You do you, girl.

Zoe Pugh


If that name sounds familiar, it's because Playboy named this Penn State student one of the hottest co-eds in America. No big deal. The internet fame hasn't helped her dating life, however, as she says she always ends up with guys who are weird about labels.

Can you spot the matches already based on what their MTV bios have to say? This is a well-balanced group, and should make for an excellent new season.