This Season Of 'Are You The One' Features The First Ever Sexually Fluid Cast On Reality TV


This season on Are You The One?, things have even more potential for drama than usual. This is Are You The One's first sexually fluid cast, which means that everyone in the house could be paired with anyone else in the cast. In order to split the grand prize of a million dollars, the singles living together in the show's house have to figure out which predetermined pairings among them were hand-selected by relationship experts and matchmakers, and now, everyone's possibilities just doubled.

Not only does the new premise provide some much-needed representation on television for LGBT people — it also was what seemed to make the most sense as they dealt with casting. "I feel like my Spidey-sense was going off when we started having more and more young people that were describing really what seemed to me, like, 'Hey, when I'm dating a girl, this is how I am in a relationship. But when I'm dating a guy, this is how my relationship is,'" he told E! News. "That didn't just happen once or twice or three times, but started happening quite a bit with both sexes."

And so, without further ado, let's meet the singles ringing in the next generation of Are You The One?, with info from their MTV biographies:

Aasha Wells

Aasha apparently has a "long list of dos and don'ts for her partner to keep her from getting jealous." She tends to get jealous when she dives headfirst into a relationship without "building a solid foundation," so it'll be interesting to see how that goes in a fast-paced reality TV environment.

Amber Martinez

Amber, according to MTV, has done things like "search every movie theater in a 20-mile radius for her supposedly cheating partner." So being in a house full of people trying to date each other with abandon might be a hurdle for her.

Basit Shittu

Basit grew up in a conservative Nigerian household, but now they're fully able to be themselves. Also known as the drag name Dionne Slay, Basit is hoping to be more open expressing their feelings with a romantic partner.

Brandon Davis

Brandon comes from a conservative military family, per MTV, and prides himself on his blunt attitude, and his ability "to read people." He says his bluntness hasn't always gone over well with romantic partners, so hopefully he's able to make it work this time.

Danny Prikazsky

MTV describes Danny as a "nerd" who has trouble putting his own feelings ahead of his partners'. He was previously engaged, and wants his next relationship to have a happier ending.

Jasmine Olson

Jasmine is an outdoorsy Southern girl who MTV describes as "dominant," and she has high expectations of her romantic prospects, even though she has trouble "maintaining her own standards."

Jenna Brown

Jenna is another Are You The One contestant who has a "tendency toward jealous" which has blown up some of her past relationships. She's "drawn to chaos and drama in her love life," which will certainly make for good TV!

Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan is a "free-spirited, nature-loving wild man" who also happens to have a pretty great job in finance. He had a difficult childhood, MTV reports, and has trouble getting past his first impressions of people.

Justinavery "Justin" Palm

Justin has been on his own since he was 14, according to MTV, and is now a Navy veteran who resides in New York. He has trouble getting past the worry of being abandoned, and he'd rather "walk away than be walked out on."

Kai Wes

Kai identifies as trans-masculine nonbinary, MTV reports, and is finally able to be open with exactly who he is. Like everyone else in the house, Kai is open to romantic partners across all genders, and hopes to find true love in the house.

Kari Snow


Kari's relationships have gotten "dark" in the past, per MTV, even though she's a very loud and bright person. She loves to cosplay, and hopes her relationships on Are You The One are happier than the ones she's previously had.

Kylie Smith

Kylie falls for people "hard and fast, but if she gets hurt, she's quick to seek revenge," her MTV bio says. She's also quick to fall out of love, and hasn't been able to hold a long term relationship down. She's sure to have an interesting time on a show like this.

Max Gentile

Max grew up in a conservative Ohio town, but completely changed his life when he headed to the big city. Now that he's living permanently Los Angeles, he's still trying to fully embrace who he is and what he's attracted to.

Nour Fraij

Nour is no stranger to struggle, according to MTV. She grew up in a "traditional Jordanian Muslim household," and her father was deported when she was young. She got married early because of what was expected of her, but is now ready to go for what she really wants.

Paige Cole

Paige grew up in a conservative household like many of her castmates, but per MTV, now lives in New York City. She's had trouble being in relationships that are only about sex, and hopes to find something deeper in the house.

Remy Duran

Remy grew up in New York City and is "not afraid to flaunt his sexuality" and "uses his over-the-top behavior as a barrier to entrance." He'll hopefully let his loud personality speak for itself while also letting people get to know what's underneath.

This group seems like the perfect storm for MTV's first season of sexually fluid contestants, and only time will tell how well they handle the pressure of so many possibilities.