The Most Awkward Moments On The Oscars Red Carpet

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some viewers might wait until all the celebrities are sitting inside the theater to flip to the Academy Awards, but I think the night truly isn't complete unless you also tune in to watch the red carpet that precedes the ceremony. Because it's more than just finding out who everyone is wearing. The pre-show also makes for great TV. And, the 2017 Oscars red carpet's most awkward moments were alternately hilarious and made you want to look away in discomfort. But that's typical during an unscripted event like a red carpet. Someone always winds up inadvertently messing up, a question goes awry, or a person is misidentified in their chyron. After all, in the past, the whole "Hidden Fences" gaffe happened on a red carpet, as did one of the many times Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell down.

Of course, this year there was no Jennifer Lawrence, and most of the stars there were thoughtful, smart, and effectively presented themselves in front of the camera. Honestly, these are Hollywood's biggest stars, so of course they were prepared and ready for a red carpet. So the biggest and most cringeworthy moments on the 2017 carpet were mostly low-key and slightly awkward.

Hidden Fences Is Back

Once the phrase gets into your mind, I will admit — it is very hard to not accidentally slip and say "Hidden Fences" while talking about Hidden Figures or Fences. People editor Jess Cagle made the mistake on the Oscars red carpet. He immediately corrected himself, but still, it made for an uncomfortable moment.

Zuri Forgot Her Dress' Designer

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The moment was quick, and it was played off quickly with the help of her cohost Ross Matthews, but newer E! red carpet correspondent Zuri Hall briefly spaced on the name of the designer that made her dress. (It was Uel Camilo, by the way.)

Jackie Chan Spaced Out

Chan, an Oscar winner himself, was there to promote his ambassadorship for Chengdu giant pandas. But while talking to Ryan Seacrest about his hundreds of film credits and the reason for his panda stuffed animals, it seemed like he lost his train of thought a little bit.

The Rainy Weather

Whenever the weather in Los Angeles is anything besides sunny and warm, people tend to freak out a little bit. And the rain didn't derail too much on the carpet, but it was responsible for some slightly awkward hair and lots of umbrellas and ponchos behind the scenes.

Pharrell & Taraji's Aside

When Pharrell and his wife, Helen Lasichanh, started walking away from their brief carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest, they spotted the next guest, Taraji P. Henson, waiting to be interviewed, and excitedly greeted one another (Pharrell did the music for Taraji's film Hidden Figures). That left Ryan Seacrest in the lurch, not sure whether to put his mic up to their private conversation or just awkwardly wait. Of course, any Taraji moment is amazing, so he rightfully chose to awkwardly wait.

"Ask Her More" Didn't Really Happen

Hosts asked female stars some deeper questions, but hair and makeup were still the centerpiece of the conversation with just a few exceptions.

Overall, there weren't too many big flubs on the 2017 Oscars red carpet, but as always, there were a few hiccups while the casts and crews of the biggest films of the year filed into the theater in preparation for the coronation of the year's best films.