Proof That A BSB & *NSYNC Collab Needs To Happen

by Taylor Ferber
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your 10-year-old self isn't jumping for joy right now, it's about to be. Not only are the Backstreet Boys starting their Las Vegas residency on Wednesday, March 1 (thank you, musics gods), but they may have just done what it takes to unite BSB and *NSYNC lovers once and for all — after all. these. years. In honor of the group's bound-to-be-epic residency, Entertainment Weekly took a little trip down memory lane with the boys. BSB was asked point-blank: "What's the *NSYNC song you wish you had recorded?" They answered, and now my imagination is beyond tickled.

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like rivalries of '90s pop never really died. Teams BSB and *NSYNC are still holding strong, as are others like Team Britney vs. Christina. Considering it's two decades later, can't everyone just get along? It's time, and the guys of BSB certainly think so. In fact, they have felt this way for a minute. If you remember, members of each boy band came together last spring for the song "In the End," which sadly flew under-the-radar. But between their nods to *NSYNC in this latest interview and the new residency, there are perfect opportunities for both groups to join forces in a way all '90s kids need.

When asked to reflect on *NSYNC's work, AJ McLean pointed out the song “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You," saying, "That song’s dope." Nick Carter then revealed that BSB actually had the chance to record one of *NSYNC's most iconic songs back in the day: "Tearin' Up My Heart." Obviously, it didn't pan out. "We actually turned it down because we didn’t have time to record it or something," Carter told EW. But he wishes it had worked out, adding, "We should have taken it." This is all the proof I need.

Clearly, the guys respect each other's work and it isn't too late to make something happen together. In fact, the timing is perfect. If *NSYNC were to make a surprise appearance during BSB's residency, the universe would just be right again.

Now all that's missing from this scenario is the Spice Girls. Children of the '90s could only be so lucky.