These 2017 Super Bowl Commercials Are Amazing

by Allie Gemmill

It's almost time for the Super Bowl and you know what that means: it's time for some amazing Super Bowl 2017 commercials. The Super Bowl may primarily be about football, but we all know who the real star of the day truly is and no, they don't wear helmets whatsoever.

The commercials shown at the Super Bowl are considered to be some of the best in the business. They represent hours and hours of labor, love, marketing creativity, and sometimes a little quirky elbow grease. Oh, and don't forget a great celebrity appearance. Having a celebrity bring the funk to a Super Bowl ad is what helps shoot said ad straight to the top of the charts.

As we enter into the final week before Super Bowl LI, there have been a handful of full length commercials and teasers that have made their way onto the Internet. This haul has been tantalizing, for the most part, and there have been some truly outstanding entries for Best Super Bowl Commercial 2017.

So, who are the top contenders thus far? From football All-Stars to movie stars on the run, there's some big surprises here. Take a look at my assessment thus far and see for yourself.

17. Lexus Gets Interpretive

It's a flashy Lexus commercial. That's all.

16. Brett Favre Lost His Mojo At Buffalo Wild Wings

Bless Brett Favre's heart. This may be just a teaser for the full Buffalo Wild Wings Super Bowl spot and yes, he is trying so hard, but nah.

15. Tom Brady & Intel Did A Thing Together

Tom Brady brushes his teeth oddly and eats a pancake off the floor. You get to see it in a ton of different angles. Not much of this connects to Intel and honestly, is anyone jonesing to see Brady's morning routine? I think not.

14. Febreze Makes Toilet Time Uncomfortable Again

I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about all this wet chewing, toilet flushing, and uncomfortable close-up work being done in this Febreze commercial, but at this precise moment I can safely say I feel...weird.

13. These Avocados Want To Hypnotize You

I love avocados with a burning passion but am lukewarm on Lovitz in general. This teaser, for what will no doubt be 30 to 60 seconds more of this, does little to affect my feelings about either of the aforementioned topics.

12. Bud Light Shows It's Sensitive Side

For this year's Super Bowl spot, Bud Light delivers supercut of manly men expressing their very bro-mantic feelings for one another while bonding over Bud Lights. You've gotta applaud them for attempting to parse out how men show affection for one another and appreciate each other in 60 seconds.

11. Fiji Water Remains The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Of Bottled Waters

Fiji Water promises a feel-good vibe with every sip for their Super Bowl commercial but that's it. I'm not saying you had to deliver a ton of gimmicks, Fiji, but no celebrities? Nothing?

10. Ford Feels Your Pain

This Ford commercial really gets my daily struggle with the minutiae of life, but I wish the heartwarming factor had been turned up a few notches. C'mon Ford, if you're going to introduce electric cars as the answer to my problems, at least make me drop-dead excited for it.

9. Drink Yellow Tail On The Beach Or At A BBQ, Like You Already Do

If this commercial was focused solely on the kangaroo, it may have ranked higher. Unfortunately, there's a weird narrative about how you can drink Yellow Tail anywhere and I wish I could tell this guy that I've proven that it's true. Hm.

8. Turbotax Get's Dangerous

Riddle me this: Why is Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall and doing his taxes?

7. Melissa McCarthy Is Stranded In Her Kia

McCarthy will be the newest face of Kia with the promotion of their new model, the Niro. This teaser for the full length ad is full to the brim with McCarthy charm.

6. A Horse, A Empty Room & Adam Driver: A Snickers Story

This may only be the supercut of teasers Snickers is releasing to build the hype for their Super Bowl spot, but holy smokes: it's perfect, too.

5. Is Mercedes The New Motorcycle?

This Coen brothers-directed spot feature Peter Fonda (pro!) who pops up at the end of a montage centered around sweaty, aging bikers jamming to Steppenwolf (silly!). Try not to be charmed by it.

4. Skittles Will Make You Taste The Romance While Watching The Super Bowl

Skittles keeps getting more and more creative with their advertising. In the process, their tricks just get weirder too. I dig it.

3. Someone Is John Malkovich

Who is John Malkovich? No, seriously. John Malkovich would like to know.

2. Jason Statham & Gal Gadot Want You To Build A Website

There's the most minimal of connections between Wix, the website creator, and action heroes Statham and Gadot. But do you really need a good reason to see these two amazing humans kick butt? I think not.

1. Mr. Clean Goes Magic Mike

Mr. Clean definitely has a new attitude for the 2017 Super Bowl and it's pretty sexy. But, weirdly, I love it? Like, quite a lot? I'm going to need a minute to catch my breath after this one.