The 12 Best Holiday Gifts For People Who’d Rather Just Stay Home

If you’ve ever spent hours in a mall (or browsing online) on a Saturday trying to find the perfect gift for someone in your life, then you know the experience can be, well, a little stressful. Of course, you want to make sure that your loved one likes the gift you get them, but you also want to know that they’ll use it regularly. This is why home goods and accessories make such amazing gifts — it doesn’t matter how someone's style changes or what season it is, people always use them.

Don't get me wrong — gifts like clothing and jewelry are never a bad idea, but there’s just no guarantee that the people receiving them will wear them regularly enough to make the purchase truly worth it. But something like a super soft alpaca throw blanket or a giant, limited-edition candle? Those are things people need every day, all year long. And while gift-giving feels good in any capacity, it feels that much better to know that your money is being spent on something that won't end up shoved in the back of someone's closet.

Below, check out the best cozy, practical gifts anyone would be happy to receive this holiday season.

Great Jones Dutchess Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

If this pastel pink dutch oven looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen it all over Instagram — and for good reason. Not only is the Great Jones Dutchess Dutch Oven gorgeous, it’s also excellent, quality cookware for the price. Have a friend who just moved into a new home with a big kitchen? This is the perfect gift. The macaron color is a fan favorite, but it comes in six other shades as well.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan

If you have a friend who is constantly at their desk or is always asking for the AC to be turned a couple degrees down, the Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan is the perfect gift. It’s practical, but given that Dyson is known for its top-notch technology, it’s a little bit luxurious, too. An added bonus? It purifies the air, capturing 99.97% of allergens and filtering them out before blowing air on you.

Nest Moroccan Amber Special Edition 3-Wick Candle

Candle aficionados know that Nest is the best of the best. The price of the brand’s special edition three-wick candles certainly reflects the quality, but also makes it the perfect opportunity to spoil someone in your life. Not a lot of people want to spend their own $72 on a giant, luxurious candle, but trust me, everyone wants one.

Anthropologie Silo Match Striker

I’m a big fan of finding aesthetically pleasing alternatives for mundane household items like matches. Anthropologie’s Silo Match Striker turns an otherwise boring item and makes it something beautiful and unique. If you have a candle lover in your life who has everything (including all the candles), this would make a perfect, totally unexpected gift.

Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser

If you’ve never gifted someone a Diptyque product, then you should — if only to watch their face light up as they open the package. Diptyque is pure luxury when it comes to fragrance, and this hourglass diffuser is no different. It’s a statement piece that's super effective in making your whole space smell glorious, and it looks gorgeous sitting on a table or shelf.

Concrete Cat Ambrosia Lazy Susan

For the person who has everything, there is this gorgeous concrete lazy susan that comes in a variety of colors. It may not be the most practical piece of all time, but hey, it does serve a purpose — and also, it’s stunning.

Serena & Lilly Milo Alpaca Throw Blanket

Picture this: a giant mug of hot chocolate, cozy slippers, some trash reality television, and this blanket. If I’ve just described your loved one’s perfect night in, then it’s time to add this cozy, cozy blanket to your cart.

West Elm Marble + Copper Dip Bowls

If I know anything, then I know this: People love dip, and they love the combination of marble and copper. Combining the two is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Parachute Looped Bath Rug

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the bath or shower onto a plush, extra soft rug. Parachute is known for comfy-as-it-gets products (the waffle robe and signature Parachute sheets are both fan favorites), and its looped bath rug is no different.

Santa Maria Novella Melograno Scented Wax Tablets

These closet and drawer fresheners are game-changers, and they look way more expensive than they actually are. Whether you hang them in a closet, stick them in a drawer, or put them in a small space like an entryway or laundry room, they make everything smell great — and they’re really pretty to look at.

Hay Sip Dots Straws

Even if you’re not on the reusable straw train yet, these Scandinavian glass straws may just convince you. Environmentally friendly and pretty to boot — a win, win!

Notary Ceramics Simple Mug

If you have any coffee lovers (or minimalists) on your shopping list this holiday season, this mug is a thoughtful, beautifully made gift that your friends and family will actually use. It's simple (hence the name), but the construction means it'll feel great in someone's hand, plus look wonderful sitting on a shelf.

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