These Cult-Favorite Air Fryers Are Less Than $100 On Amazon Right Now


When you want that delicious crisp without the extra grease, air fryers deliver. This countertop appliance is actually a small convection oven that uses hot air instead of hot oil as traditional deep fryers do. They can also work as almost mini ovens allowing you to not only fry but bake, grill, and roast your favorite foods as well. Using this healthier frying method doesn’t have to be expensive either, if you know where to look, you can find the best air fryers under $100 with plenty of features to get you cooking.

Air fryers come in a variety of styles and models that can range from small to large. So, to choose the best one for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider how much counter space you’re willing to dedicate. That will likely impact capacity. Most air fryers vary in cooking capacity from 2 and 5.8 quarts, and you'll find an even smaller one here ideal for dinners for one.

You'll also want to think about if you'll be doing other kinds of cooking than just air frying and how much you’ll use features like built-in presets, additional settings for baking desserts and even pizza.

To help you zero in on the ideal air fryer for you, I’ve considered the features, quality of construction, and customer feedback so you can get the best air fryer under $100 for you on Amazon to get those crispy french fries and much more just right!


The Overall Best Air Fryer Under $100

When it comes to a quality air fryer that fits most needs, the tried-and-true Ninja Air Fryer is a top pick. It has a 4.7 overall rating with more than 700 reviews on Amazon. This air fryer features a sizable 4-quart basket that can cook up to two pounds of french fries at once making it a good choice for those feeding up to four. You can air fry, roast, and even reheat your leftovers from the previous night in it. There’s also a dehydrate function allowing you to make your own dehydrated snacks like dried fruit and jerky. Choose between four programmable cooking settings or manually select your cook temperature anywhere between 105 degrees to 400 degrees. Plus, this fryer is easy to clean, has a nonstick basket, and has dishwasher-safe accessories. However, the capacity makes it most suitable for full meals for two.

What fans say: “I love my new air fryer. It has revolutionized the way I cook for the better. Even cooks ribeye steaks that taste as good as those on the grill.”


A Compact Air Fryer That’s Less Than $50

The Dash Compact air fryer is a budget-friendly option that's great for anyone with limited countertop space. This small, lightweight 1.3-quart air fryer is great for those cooking for one or two, or prepping appetizers for a few friends or family. You can set the time to quickly cook up a pound of french fries or a dozen chicken wings. Its features include an auto shut-off to prevent overcooking and a cool touch handle for safety. Plus, the retro-inspired unit is available in five different colors from classic black to aqua to red. With its dishwasher-safe fry basket, it’s easy to clean. Plus, the cookbook with 15 recipes makes it a great gift for those who have just moved into a new apartment.

What fans say: “Love this little Dash air fryer. Household of 2 - so perfect size and the food comes out great. I've tried several items and cooking chicken breasts is my favorite so far. Fish is great too as well as tater tots and fries.”


The Best Large-Capacity Air Fryer Under $100

If you're looking to feed a full meal to four or more people with your air fryer, consider the GoWise USA Digital air fryer. Extremely easy to use and with eight cooking presets for making a wide range of dishes from steak to pizza, it’s a large 5.8-quart unit. There’s an option to set the temperature manually from 180 degrees to 400 and time up to 30 minutes via the digital display screen. This fryer also features a built-in reminder to shake or turn your ingredients for even cooking, and there’s also a cool-touch handle to prevent burns.

What fans say: “Best dang thing since sliced bread, I am loving the digital front screen and the presets are helpful.”


A Customer-Favorite Air Fryer For Two Or More

If you don’t want to search for additional accessories, the Secura air fryer is a great option with more than a thousand positive reviews on Amazon. This air fryer available in 4.2 quart, for two to four, and 5.3 quart, for three or more, sizes and includes a skewer rack for grilling and toasting. There’s a 60-minute timer with indicator lights that let you know when your food is ready. It also has an auto shut-off function to prevent overheating. Plus it includes a two-year limited warranty.

What fans say: “Absolutely love this air fryer! Cooks quickly and fries food without oil! Comes with skewers and rack, cleans up spotless as food does not stick and is lightweight.”

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