6 Tips For Finding The Best — And Cheapest — Fashion On Amazon, From A Celeb Stylist

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Amazon has a surplus of, well, everything. The site’s fashion section, in particular, had long been a landing page for endless scrolling — until the recently launched Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe came into play. But finding the best of Amazon Fashion can take a little more digging even with the Personal Shopper feature, and celebrity stylist and Fashion Police panelist Brad Goreski knows how to find top styles on the site.

For a fashion lover, you could spend legit hours sifting through the catalog of Amazon Fashion, but there are so many new ways to make your search for sweet looks more concise. Other than spilling the tea on red carpet ensembles, Goreski is an Amazon celebrity stylist who knows all the deets on finding standout pieces.

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“What’s great about Amazon Fashion is that no matter what your style is and no matter what your price range is, you can find something that’s fashionable, that looks great and that you can hopefully wear season to season,” Goreski tells Bustle.

To help you build up your closet, here are six of Goreski’s best tips for nabbing that “good good” from Amazon Fashion.

1. Utilize Prime Wardrobe

Goreski champions this function for Amazon Prime members that he describes as "bringing the fitting room to your house." Prime Wardrobe allows you to choose up to eight items to have sent to your house for a seven-day try-on trial, and whatever you don't want you can send back — at no cost.

"You want to try it with your accessories," Goreski says of getting clothing in-home before committing to a purchase. "I think it's [Prime Wardrobe] a great way to get pieces in your house and try them with items you might already have. It’s like risk-free fashion."

2. Sorting by Price

According to a Credit Karma/Qualtrics study, nearly 40% of millennials overspend on purchases that don't match their income. What's more, 41% of the purchases millennials overspend on is clothing, and another 18% accounts for jewelry.

Just to ensure you don't go ham on Amazon (it's so very easy), the site let's you sort items by price, Goreski advises. Once you've narrowed down what category you're shopping in, you can choose one of Amazon's given price ranges: Under $25, $25 to $50, $50 to $100, and $100 to $200. Plus, if those options don't work for you, you can also set your own minimum and maximum price range.

3. Shop The Drop

The Drop is another one of the cool ways to get limited edition essentials and basics that are designed in collaboration with your favorite influencers from around the globe. The pieces are affordable and fresh, and riff off the Instagram trends you love.

"All of these basics go season to season as well, so I think they are really good investments," says Goreski.

Fashion influencers hold a great deal of power over the decision-making for their viewers. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, an estimated 200 million Instagram users follow at least one fashion-related Instagram page out of 1 billion of Instagram's monthly active users. Plus, The Drop is a cool way to shop your personal more closely on Amazon.

Once each collection, well, drops, you have 30 hours to shop it before it's gone for good. So when Amazon says the collection is limited edition, they mean it.

4. Shop By Brand

Shopping by brand can cut down your time searching significantly, Goreski says, especially when the brand is consistent with your style. Amazon currently carries brands including Nike, Calvin Klein, Ray Band, Levis, and plenty more.

Depending on what you're looking for, filtering by brand can make your online shopping time much shorter. If you know some denim brands that work for you, for instance, filter by those names to get a shorter list of fashion possibilities.

5. Shop by Occasion

Goreski says that shopping by occasion is an overlooked filter on Amazon — especially when it comes to curated categories. Currently, summer shoppers can look through categories that deep dive into moods for the season. For example, Amazon's Fresh Summer Whites include the cleanest white pieces from places like J.Crew, Rachel Roy, City Chic, Armani Exchange, Nine West, and more. But it gets better. Shopping for the best shell jewelry of the summer and prints like tie-dye fit for the season are also offered up as suggestions for you to narrow down your search on the site by seasonality.

Amazon even allows you to even break it down by occasions like Kicking Back, which include a plethora of loose-fitted maxi dresses, sneakers, rompers, and tees.

If you're someone who's Out On The Town, then yes, there are suggestion outfits for that too. Great picks like cocktail dresses, form-fitting skirts, pumps, and even Sam Edelman clutches can be found throughout.

6. Shop By Suggestion

"I love it when they recommend things to me," Goreski explains, which many would probably agree. With any Amazon product that you're currently searching, the site offers recommendations — and Amazon Fashion is no different. Once you've already landed on something(s) you like, scroll down to see what other cool items shoppers have viewed related to your potential buy.

The bamboo bag trend, for example, has been making waves over the years. With Amazon's suggestions, you're able to find other bamboo bags in different styles, colors, and shapes.

There's something for everyone on Amazon — and you don't even have to be a celebrity stylists to shop like one on the platform.