Glasses Getting Foggy? These Anti-Fog Formulas Will Keep Things Clear


It's a common problem: You step outside your house, and your lenses suddenly become cloudy. Glasses fog up when the warm air between your face and the lens comes into contact with the colder air on the other side, causing water vapor condensation. The best anti-fog for glasses are available in four main forms — liquids, wipes, balms, and cloths — to stop the condensation from forming in the first place.


Liquid anti-fog can come in spray bottles or droplet containers. It's the most cost-effective out of the three, with many affordable bottles having enough solution for up to 300 sprays. However, since you have to control how much comes out at one time (and how to apply it), the solution can be messy.


Anti-fog wipes are a portable and easy alternative to liquids. You don't have to worry about applying too much or having a cloth handy, as they're pre-moistened with the right amount of solution. But there is a trade-off: These tend to be a little more expensive per use.


A little goes a long way when you're using an anti-fog balm and while that makes them compact and portable, they do require a little more effort, as most balms need to be buffed into the lens with a cloth for best results.


Anti-fog cloths might be the easiest to use since all you have to do is rub your lenses with these pieces of fabric, typically infused with an anti-fogging formula. However, they are not the longest lasting and are sometimes limited to 200 or so uses.

No matter which form you choose, it's important to make sure that there is no ammonia in the formula. Ammonia can cause the special anti-reflection (also referred to as "anti-glare") coating on certain lenses to break down. All of the anti-fog formulas below either disclose that they're ammonia-free or simply claim that they're safe for anti-reflective specs.

The best anti-fog for glasses below can help keep your vision clear whether you're out exercising, on a neighborhood stroll, or just wearing your face mask.

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The Best Anti-Fog Liquid Spray

With its 100% alcohol- and ammonia-free formula, this anti-fog spray is suitable for many types of prescription, polarized, polycarbonate, and anti-reflective lenses. The hydrophobic formula shouldn't leave behind oily streaks, and its anti-static properties help prevent your glasses from attracting dust. Each bottle comes with enough inside for up to 300 sprays, and one application is able to last for up to three days.

What fans write: "This lens cleaner worked as advertised. I wear a mask all day and had trouble with my glasses fogging. After I started using this product, my glasses haven't fogged again. Thanks for a great product!"


The Best Anti-Fog Liquid Dropper

If you prefer the adjustability of an anti-fog dropper bottle, this one is for you. Even though the ingredients aren't listed, the manufacturer has stated that the formula is not only safe for anti-reflective eyeglasses, but that it's also versatile enough that you can use it on goggles, camera lenses, and more. The dropper bottle helps prevent over-application since each lens only needs one or two drops, and the formula is potent enough that it's able to last for "days," per the brand.

What fans write: "I work in a refinery, wear glasses, and also use goggles. [...] I have tried countless anti fog sprays and drops, even back in my diving days. This stuff works better than anything I have used before. If you follow the directions, it only takes a couple of minutes to prep your lenses with a treatment that will work and last for at least 2 days. So impressed with this product I bought a 2nd bottle for home.”


The Best Anti-Fog Wipes

When it comes to anti-fog wipes, you can't beat the value that comes with this 100-pack of individually wrapped cleaning wipes. These are made without ammonia and can be used on not only glasses, but also camera lenses and touch screens. According to the brand, they're also anti-scratch. The box doubles as a dispenser, and the formula is also anti-static. The brand hasn't disclosed how long the anti-fog lasts, but one reviewer (below) wrote that it lasted about two days. At $0.13 per wipe, it's a little more per use than the first two picks, but the convenience might be worth it.

What fans write: "Glasses haven't fogged up in 2 days and I'm glad because I found out they stopped making my favorite saftey glasses in the tint I like. will be buying more. I can breathe on them rinse them and they still dont fog up."


The Best Anti-Fog Balm

If you're looking for something that can prevent fog and clean your glasses, this 0.5-ounce container of anti-fog balm is it — and a little goes a long way. While the exact ingredients aren't listed, the brand claims that it's safe to use on coated lenses — and many reviewers have supported that notion after using it on their own glasses. One person wrote: "It does what it says it does, and if you have glare resistant lenses it keeps them from smudging over every little thing. It won't work for extreme temperature changes, but it will resist most fog."

You do, however, have to buff it into the glass using a cloth (a soft cloth is advised) but this balm provides protection against dust and lint, making it great for cameras, binoculars, and everything in between as well. It isn't clear exactly how long the balm lasts after it's applied, but some reviewers claim that the anti-fog properties last up to 12 hours.

What fans write: "Worked quite it into the lenses and then wipe it off with a soft cloth or towel while still moist, then continuing to buff up the lenses to a good shine. May have to reapply but so far a week of 12-hour shifts and it has held up. Let my co-worker use some on his bifocals safety glasses and he's getting similar results.”


The Best Anti-Fog Cloth

If you're looking for an anti-fog that produces absolutely zero mess, this cloth is the cleanest option out there. It's infused with anti-fogging technology that works after being rubbed against your lenses, and it's good for more than 200 uses (and it lasts eight to 12 hours per use). You can't wash it without ruining the anti-fog properties but the upside is that you won't have to worry about any spills or greasy balm residues.

What fans write: "I am in my 70s and thus am in a group which is highly vulnerable to COVID. I always wear a mask when going out. This cloth works perfectly to prevent my glasses from fogging up. Before using it, I breathed directly onto my glasses and the lenses fogged up. I used the cloth as directed on the lenses, breathed on them again, and no fogging.”