The Best Asian Sunscreens

When you think of Asian skin care products, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sheet masks — or maybe cushion compacts or BB cream. But did you know countries like Korea and Japan — Asia’s two biggest beauty exporters, and innovators — also make some seriously killer sun care products? Many of the best Asian sunscreens also do double duty (as a moisturizer! A serum! An essence!), so by investing in one of these two-in-one formulas, you’ll be saving money and cutting down on the steps in your morning routine.

In case you've ever wondered why most Asian women have such amazing skin, it's because they do not play around when it comes to sun protection. I used to live in Asia, and most of my female friends were taught to wear sunscreen every day from an early age. A lot of people even take to wearing wide hats or carrying umbrellas to protect their skin even more. This is why you'll notice that most Asian sunscreens contain an SPF of no less than 50, which is the norm.

If you're interested in trying out one of these innovative Asian sunscreens that definitely don't feel like plain old American sunblocks (you know — thick, white, and greasy), check out these five top-notch formulas you can get from Amazon, below.