The Best ASMR For Sleep, Because These Podcasts & YouTube Vids Are Super Satisfying To Drift Off To

Javier Pardina/Stocksy

Ever feel a strange satisfaction from the sound of someone rubbing their hands together or perhaps whispering in your ear? Well, y'all, you might well be experiencing autonomous sensory meridian response (or, ASMR), which is a phenomenon currently sweeping the globe. I mean, as we speak, there's probably someone earning good money by simply whispering into a microphone. But did you know that ASMR can also help you drift off to sleep pretty sharpish? The best ASMR for sleep is ready and waiting to take you on a trip to snoozy-town, and I've collated them all into one neat list. You're welcome.

ASMR is a super unique feeling felt by some people in reaction to certain audio and visual triggers. It's characterised by the tingling of the skin that starts at the top of the head and makes its way down the spine. The sensation is said to leave people feeling very relaxed.

Described by some as a "braingasm" (oh behave), sadly not all people actually experience that tingly feeling. Only the luck few.

Fans of the sensation may not know that ASMR can also be a fantastic method to aid sleep. Here is your list of ASMR sources that will have you asleep before you have even read them all.