These ASMR Podcasts & Videos Could Help Make Sleep Struggles A Thing Of The Past
by Aoife Hanna
Javier Pardina/Stocksy

Ever feel a strange satisfaction from the sound of someone rubbing their hands together or perhaps whispering in your ear? Well, y'all, you might well be experiencing autonomous sensory meridian response (or, ASMR), which is a phenomenon currently sweeping the globe. I mean, as we speak, there's probably someone earning good money by simply whispering into a microphone. But did you know that ASMR can also help you drift off to sleep pretty sharpish? The best ASMR for sleep is ready and waiting to take you on a trip to snoozy-town, and I've collated them all into one neat list. You're welcome.

ASMR is a super unique feeling felt by some people in reaction to certain audio and visual triggers. It's characterised by the tingling of the skin that starts at the top of the head and makes its way down the spine. The sensation is said to leave people feeling very relaxed.

Described by some as a "braingasm" (oh behave), sadly not all people actually experience that tingly feeling. Only the luck few.

Fans of the sensation may not know that ASMR can also be a fantastic method to aid sleep. Here is your list of ASMR sources that will have you asleep before you have even read them all.


Sleep And Relax ASMR

Y'all this podcast is effing lit. It's a weekly show That harnesses all of your favourite AMSR content in one tidy little package for you to nod off to. "Our goal is to create the best ASMR content possible," the pod's description says. "Whether you enjoy the sound of soothing waves, snow crunching on a mountain, a soft spoken ramble, or whispered storytelling, Sleep and Relax ASMR has your ASMR needs covered."

And they are not joking when they say they got you. There are 331 episodes to date online and, with a new episode every week, you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Listen here


Sleep Whispers

Oh, hey, thanks for literally doing exactly what you say on the tin, love you guys.

This podcast is people whispering and, you guys, it's just about the most soothing thing of all time. Described on the website as "[w]hispered ramblings and readings to help you sleep", this show has a host called Harris reading all manner of things in a lovely hushed voice.

Sleep Whispers has all manner of whispering available, including reading out straight information (found in what Harris calls the "Whisperpedia") as well as simple "Fade Outs," which are designed to bore you right off to sleep.

Listen here


ASMR Magic

The most well-known is ASMR Youtube channel is called ASMR Magic which sees host Rihanna creating a whole lot of lengthly videos that aim to trigger all of your ASMR senses and set your brain on fire in the most relaxing way possible.

She has lots of options (both with and without speaking) for you to try. So go and get your relaxation on.

Listen Here


ASMR Darling

Another Youtuber here, ASMR Darling is one of the biggest names in the game. I know right? I am also devved I missed this trick. These women are killing it!

Utilising all sorts of methods like running a make up brush over the microphone, drumming her nails lightly on surfaces, and (of course) whispering — this one is for people who have an intense need for ASMR stimulus.

Listen Here


Queen Of Serene

The Queen of Serene is another Youtube star and has long been causing tingles, as well as helping listeners to lucid dream.

She describes her aim as being "just here to help you guys relax," and, seriously, her voice is definitely the most soothing of all the ASMR stars I have listened to. She also utilises all kind of rad ASMR-inducing sounds that you never would have thought of, like rubbing a Barbie's hair.

Listen here


The ASMR Garden

Guys this podcast is actually redonk. Using not only storytelling but also lots of ASMR inducing soundbites, this one is absolutely joyful.

Meli, who hosts it, is open about suffering from anxiety and how much ASMR has helped her to cope with her condition a lot better.

Listen here


Massage AMSR

Back over to Youtibe for this one, which has no talking on it. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself too eager to listen to the people chatting so the purely soundbite based ones are more soothing.

This particular one features a masseuse who helps you feel almost as relaxed as if you were getting a massage.

Yeah I said almost.

Listen here


Sleep With Silk

This one is one of the more straightforward of podcasts available, with 30-minute-long samples of ASMR joy. Longer episodes are available for paying customers but, honestly, you will be fast asleep before you know it.

Listen here


Whether you're am fully fledged ASMR-er or are just keen to give it a go, these podcasts are definitely worth trying.