The Best At-Home Remedies For Dry & Chapped Lips


The cold weather can cause havoc with our bodies in more ways than one. I tend to get really dry skin on my hands and legs. And another thing I (and many others) suffer with more in the winter is dry, chapped lips. While there are plenty of lip balms out there you can try, sometimes things get desperate and you have to get a little home remedy going. For these times, I have found the best at-home remedies for dry lips, most of which include ingredients you will have lying around the kitchen.

Cold winds have a majorly drying effect on our skin and lips, so are usually to blame for chapped lips. However, there are other reasons you may be suffering with dry lips, most likely of which is dehydration. Drinking water is inherently crucial to keeping our bodies balanced, and if we don't get enough, our bodies both inside and out can feel the effects. Dry lips and mouth are often the most noticeable areas that are affected by dehydration.

It is important to note however that if you continuously have chronic dry lips that are often painful and never seem to feel moisturised, it may be a sign of something else, so it's worth getting checked out by a doctor.

In the mean time, give these at home remedies a go: