Obama & Biden Memes Can Get You Through Anything

by Kelly Tunney
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After one tornado of a year, America could sure use a pick-me-up. There have been so many tragic events to come out of 2016: terrorist attacks, mass shootings, celebrity deaths, and more. One last punch to the gut comes in the reminder that the Obama administration is on its way out of the White House, and with that we'll be seeing much less of naturally charismatic BFFs President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. So, in honor of the irreplaceable duo, I've rounded up the best Obama and Biden BROTUS memes to get you through the coming years.

It seems like just yesterday we were introduced to the two men who are likely to be referred to as America's dads. Although Biden had attempted his own presidential runs in 1988 and 2008, it was the combination of him and Obama that America fell for. Ever since they stepped into office, the friendship they have developed through the years has brought joy to the country. Luckily, that friendship has been documented over the last eight years in some delightful memes, with Biden often serving as the jokester and Obama the serious one who at times has to chastise Biden for his antics.

With so little time left with Obama and Biden, now is an opportune moment to cheer up with a look back at their friendship and let it fuel the next four years with hope. Surely, however the next administration performs, it will not be able to fill the hole in our hearts left by the bromance of these two.

When Biden Helped Obama Relate To Millennials

Some good advice from uncle Joe.

When Biden Was A Little Too Entertained In A Meeting

You take your eye off him for five minutes...

When Biden Was Here For The Bromance

Nothing makes a friendship official like bracelets.

When Biden Wanted To Make Things Uncomfortable For The New Administration

Practical joker uncle Joe in action.

Biden Just Couldn't Resist

Too easy.

When Biden Took Up The Protective Friend Role

You don't mess with Biden's bro.

When Biden Made A Good Point

He was just being accommodating, really.

When Biden Wanted To Switch Things Up

Waves are for presidents. Points are for fun-loving vice presidents.

When Biden Tried To Make Trump Foot The Bill For His Ice Cream Addiction

Can't blame him for trying.

When Biden Was A Little Slow To Comprehend What Happened

Obama/Biden 2020.

When They Both Got A Little Sentimental

You can't blame them for reminiscing about the good old days.

When Biden Was Very Enthusiastic About Their Friendship

Many anniversaries later, we're still charmed.

When Obama Distracted Biden With Ice Cream

The way to Biden's heart is through frozen dairy.

Even Michelle Understands Their Bond

She's a very supportive wife and friend.

When Biden Had Wishful Thinking

Almost had them, Biden.

When Biden Just Wanted To Coordinate Accessories

Obama has no time for Men In Black jokes, Biden.

When Biden Gave Obama A VERY Important Reminder

Spiders: perhaps the scariest creatures of all.

When Biden Wanted To Shake Things Up At A Meeting

It was a good attempt.

When Obama & Biden Were More Family Than Friends

This is likely reminiscent of your childhood when you asked permission from your father only to have him tell you to ask your mother.

When Obama Finally Took Their Relationship Seriously


When Biden Explained To Mike Pence The Real Job Of The VP

Don't worry, Uncle Joe, your shoes could never truly be filled.