The Best Beauty Gift Sets On Amazon

When it comes to buying beauty sets, it’s hard to find sets at a good value that are also high-quality. Fortunately, the best beauty gift sets on Amazon are highly rated, extremely affordable, and worth the money you shell out for them. Whether you’re looking to buy somebody a special gift or just looking to build up your own brush, makeup, or skincare collection, finding a great deal can be as rewarding as the products themselves.

If you're gift shopping right now, you already know that it can be hard to find just the right thing — so if you have a beauty lover in your life, why not let them try a variety of things out? Thanks to some enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, these gift sets are bound to be quality choices — so not only does the recipient hit the gift lottery, but you get to feel like a freakin’ hero — and you save yourself some cash, too.

Whether you’re desperately searching for holiday gifts or tired of the same old makeup brushes in your drawer, there is definitely something amazing for everyone (yes, including yourself) on this list of highly-rated but totally affordable beauty gift sets.

1. An Insanely Affordable Brush Set With Over 7,000 Reviews

BS-Mall Makeup Brush Set, $10 (Set of 10), Amazon

Where would any self-proclaimed makeup artist be without a set of makeup brushes that evenly covers all their makeup needs? This insanely affordable version includes ten brushes including powder brushes, eyeshadow, concealer and foundation brushes. The high-quality bristles are silky soft, yet dense enough to fully distribute product without streaking or shedding. They’re extremely durable and super easy to clean, too. One reviewer writes: "These brushes are amazing at this price. They are so soft and supple, and always cover evenly."


2. A Face Mask Variety Pack Powered By Collagen

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Facial Mask Sheet, $14 (24 Pack), Amazon

Stressed out skin can be a thing of the past with these collagen infused face masks, which come in a set of 24. Each mask features a different ingredient that solves lots of different skin woes, but is fortified with vitamin E, an essential antioxidant for healing the skin, and collagen. The set includes a charcoal mask for pulling toxins, a hydrating cucumber mask, a green tea mask, and a milk mask to help with monthly breakouts. It’s a wonderful treat for your face that will leave your skin glowing.


3. A Moisturizing Set To Keeps Your Hands Supple and Protected All Winter

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set, $13, Amazon

This hand repair gift set is formulated with natural ingredients specifically to keep your hands, nails, and cuticles healthy and soft. It comes with a hydrating almond milk hand cream, a hearty shea butter hand repair cream, a rich lemon butter cuticle cream, and a cute pair of cotton gloves to really seal the moisture in. It contains skin-saving ingredients like rosehip oil and aloe vera, and reviewers say this also works great for feet.


4. An Exfoliating Sponge Made With Green Tea And Charcoal

Konjac Cleansing & Exfoliating Beauty Sponges $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Made for both cleansing and exfoliating, these sponges are a perfect addition to your regular routine. Formulated to balance the skin’s pH level, this set comes with three different sponges: an activated bamboo charcoal infusion for pulling toxins from the skin; a green tea formula to heal and protect damage-prone skin; and a white sponge for sensitive skin. Reviewers are totally in awe of this product, finding themselves with incredibly clean, soft skin without tightness. They're made with all-natural, organic ingredients, too.


5. A Fizzy Bath Bomb GIft Set To Pamper Your Loved Ones

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set, $21 (6 Pack), Amazon

Great for pampering dry skin, relieving stress, and turning any bath into a spa experience, these bath bombs are made with essential oils instead of added fragrance. They're also vegan, and come in varieties like a sinus-relieving eucalyptus and pine mix, a relaxing lavender, and an energizing grapefruit version. With over 4,000 reviews, they come in a cute tin great for gifting to others.


6. A Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Set To Rejuvenate Damaged Hair

Maple Holistics Argan Oil and Hair Conditioner Set, $17, Amazon

Having dry, color-treated, or curly hair doesn’t have to put you on a direct path to damaged hair — and this argan-infused shampoo and conditioner set will hydrate, prevent frizz, and protect hair from breakage. Both products are made with a sulfate-free, hypoallergenic formula that’s great for sensitive scalps, and the rich infusion of avocado and jojoba oils will leave hair shiny, strong, and healthy. It also helps minimize shedding, and reviewers say it makes their hair feel like silk.


7. A Makeup Kit To End All Other Makeup Kits

Shany All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, $30, Amazon

This makeup kit is a dream come true for beginners, because let’s face it, it takes time and money to grow a collection. With plenty of color options, it comes with ninety-eight shimmer eyeshadows, seventy pastel shimmer and glossy eye-shadows, six lip glosses, and three blushes. In addition to those, it comes with seven sponge brushes, two lip brushes, a blush brush, and a mirror that’s large enough to see your entire face. It's also cruelty- free, the perfect set to start learning how to do makeup, and one reviewer writes: "The colors are fantastic. The kit folds up perfectly for travel and is great at home. There are colors that will work for all skin types and tones."


8. A Must-Have Moisturizing Set To Hydrate And Cleanse

La Roche-Posay Soothing Essentials Set, $20, Amazon

You’ll find all your moisturizing needs from head to toe with this sensitive skin essential set. It comes with four refreshing products, each designed to work on dry and sensitive skin: a cleansing water to remove dirt and makeup, a soothing spring water mist filled with powerful antioxidants to tone and revitalize the skin, a restoring calming cream to soothe and moisturize, and a facial cream that protects against harmful UV rays. Each product has a breathable consistency that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy, but will keep you well-protected from environmental pollutants that affect our complexion.


9. These Beauty Sponges To Apply Foundation Seamlessly

Eastrin Makeup Sponges, $13 (6 Pack), Amazon

These blending sponges will help create a flawless makeup application while keeping your skin free of irritation, because they're also great for sensitive skin. Designed to be used wet or dry, each sponge is made with anti-microbial, latex-free foam to reduce both bacteria and allergies. This set comes with six sponges in a number of colors, and they work great with powders, creams, concealers, and even glitters. Reviewers say they're just as good as more expensive options you get at specialty beauty stores.


10. A Vitamin C Trio That'll Cover Your Daily Skincare Routine

InstaNatural Vitamin C Skin Trio Bundle, $30, Amazon

This vitamin C skin trio bundle is a must-have for folks looking to brighten skin and encourage collagen production — and it comes with everything you need to improve your skincare routine, starting with a facial serum made with hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn oil, and plant stem cells. It also includes a gentle cleanser infused with coconut water, sugar cane extract, and another antioxidant powerhouse, green tea; and a daily moisturizer with lightweight, nourishing sunflower oil and healing aloe vera. All have citamin C, and it also defends against natural skin aggressors like pollution and UV rays.


11. These Peel-Off Sheet Masks To Promote Glowing Skin

The Face Shop Facial Mask Sheets, $19 (15 Pack), Amazon

A weekly facial treatment can be the difference between glowing skin and dull skin, and these disposable sheet masks will lift your skin up when it’s feeling down. Included in the set is a brightening lemon citrus mask, a cleansing tea-tree mask, and a moisturizing shea butter mask. The combination of these packets can minimize the appearance of pores, remove blackheads, and firm the skin all while restoring the skin’s natural glow. This is a great set of masks that can you can bring on your travels or use for a fun spa night with friends.


12. A Stainless Steel Tweezer Set Convenient For Traveling

Purebello Premium Stainless Steel Tweezer Set, $10 (Set of 4), Amazon

Made for travel but high-quality enough to use every day, this useful set comes with four stainless steel tweezers and a travel case so you never have to be without tweezers. Each one made from 100 percent stainless steel and they aren’t all the same: this comes with a slanted tip, a flat tip, a pointed version, and an extreme slant tip. It's a great set for removing random chin hairs or shaping eyebrows, and they're sturdy and easy to grip.


13. A Refreshing Spa Experience To Use At Home

Acure Renewal and Refresh Kit, $20, Amazon

This lovely facial kit is filled with refreshing products to give your skin a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. It comes with a daily cleansing gel, a brightening facial scrub, a daily moisturizer, and coconut and argan oil cleansing towelettes for some cleansing on the go. Each product is vegan, sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free, and made from natural ingredients like marula oil that replenish the skin. Reviewers are particularly obsessed with the facial scrub because it’s gentle on the skin and tough on acne.


14. A Mani/Pedi Set To Pamper Your Nails

Beauty Bon Manicure Pedicure Nail Clippers Set, $10, Amazon

If you’re looking for a mani/pedi set that includes everything you need to shape your nails and cuticles, look no further: this stainless steel nail clippers set includes ten tools to make that happen. It includes two nail clippers, two push sticks, a nail file, a toenail clipper, cuticle trimmer, tweezers, and beauty scissors — all easy to store inside a portable, light case that makes everything easy to find.


15. An Oval Brush Set To Reach Your Full Potential

Duorime Black Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set, $10, Amazon

Our makeup skills are only as good as the tools we use, and this oval brush set will take your skills to professional levels with an exquisite design. The brushes are made with a blend of raw and synthetic fibers that help evenly distribute makeup and get into harder-to-cover areas like around the nose. It comes with eight different brushes for all kinds of applications — they're great for both powder or cream, so you can use these to apply foundation, eyeshadow, and contour, too.


16. An Organic Fragrance-Free Lotion To Moisturize Without Harsh Chemicals

Puracy Organic Hand and Body Lotion, $21 (2 Pack), Amazon

For folks that want to moisturize with natural ingredients, sans additives or a heavy scent, this organic lotion is a great option for hydrating with quality ingredients — it's free of dyes, parabens, silicones, fragrances, and full of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba seed oil. It has a thick consistency that penetrates the skin and dries quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft.


17. These Cleansing Facial Mask Set To Add Variety To Your Skincare Routine

Freeman Facial Mask Variety Set, $22 (4 Pack), Amazon

Made for all skin types, this facial mask set has four different formulas to keep your face radiant, soft, and exfoliated. The soothing avocado and oatmeal deep cleans and purifies, the peel-off cucumber mask refreshes, a dead sea mineral mask balances, and a charcoal sugar gel scrub exfoliates. One reviewer raves about the affordable price: "Overall, I haven't found a set of this quality in this price range. I'm trying to downsize my spending, so this lets me feel like I just blew a paycheck at Sephora while letting me pay some bills."


18. A Serum Set To Lift and Tone The Skin

ArtNaturals Anti-Aging Serum Set, $26, Amazon

This serum set is designed to lift dull skin, reduce the effects of sun damage, brighten dark spots from acne, and increase collagen production. It comes with a vitamin C serum enhanced with vitamin E, a retinol serum with aloe vera, and a moisturizing hyaluronic serum that strengthens skin. Each formula is made with plant-based ingredients that aid in keeping the skin healthy, hydrated, and plump.


19. A Red Lipstick Set To Keep Your Lips Poppin’

Nabi Cosmetics Professional Selected Lipstick, $9 (Set of 8), Amazon

A must-have for anyone who loves classic shades, this lipstick set comes with eight colors — ranging from a bright orange, a blue-toned red, and a more daring purple. Each lipstick provides intense coverage that’s long-lasting, and reviewers love that these lipsticks don't taste like chemicals, and that you can "eat, drink, lick your lips all day long and it will hardly budge!"


20. An Assortment Of Bar Soaps To Gently Cleanse Your Hands

Pre de Provence French Soap Assortment, $18, Amazon

Hand soap should clean hands, not suck the moisture out of them and this assortment of French soap is infused with finely milled shea butter to keep your hands soft and clean. This set comes with nine artisanal soaps: lavender, sage, milk, linden, coconut, honey almond, verbena, white gardenia, and rose petal. They're also free of alcohol and parabens, and come in a beautiful gift box.


21. A Cleansing Brush Set To Gently Exfoliate Skin

Fancii Waterproof Cleansing Spin Brush Set, $27, Amazon

This waterproof cleansing spin brush removes every trace of dirt and cleans pores without being too aggressive on skin. It uses an advanced microdermabrasion technology, but the soft bristles are extremely gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It's cordless and comes with a compact case that can be easily stored and brought with you on your travels, and comes with three different brush heads — a daily cleansing brush, a deeper exfoliator, and a silicone head for irritated skin.


22. An Assortment Of Lip Balms To Naturally Heal Chapped Lips

ArtNaturals Natural Lip Balm Assorted Flavors, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

This assortment of natural lip balms contains six plant-based blends including island coconut, passion pitaya, mango papaya, hibiscus blossom, and grapefruit — and each one is filled with antioxidants to protect your lips, and infused with moisturizing coconut oil and nourishing beeswax. Unlike many other natural balms, these lip balms are truly, 100 percent natural without any additives. They're also fortified with aloe vera, vitamin E, and coconut oil.


23. A Silicone Sponge Set To Effortlessly Apply Makeup

Silicone Makeup Applicator Set For Makeup, $6 (3 Pack), Amazon

These silicone makeup sponges are designed to easily apply your makeup without the waste and mess. They come in three versatile shapes for you to apply, contour, and blend without absorbing all your makeup — which leads to using less foundation and a more even application. They're easy to clean with a little warm water every time you use them, so they won't transfer bacteria to the face, either.


24. A Cleansing Rice Treatment Set To Put An End To Breakouts

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam and Cleansing Oil, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

You can keep acne at bay with this foam and oil combo. The rice water helps heal acne scars, brighten uneven skin, and thoroughly remove dirt and oil buildup. The cleansing oil is infused with jojoba oil and rice extract to dissolve impurities and hydrate beyond the surface layer of the skin. This is great for folks that suffer from frequent breakouts and want a treatment that will keep the skin hydrated and clear at the same time. "This stuff is great," one reviewer writes. "The overall consistency is very light, there is no mineral oil in this formula and it is great for oily/combination skin."


25. A Popular Set Of Essential Oils To Boost Anyone's Mood

Sol Beauty Essential Oil Set, $12 (Set of 6), Amazon

With so many essential oils to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but this essential oil kit is a great lineup of the classics. It comes with six essential oils that are safe and easy for newbies to start their aromatherapy practice or drop into their diffuser: lavender oil, a wonderful multi-purpose oil to soothe a headache, tea tree oil to zap a stubborn zit or cold sore, eucalyptus to open your nasal passages, orange to brighten your mood, and lemongrass to stimulate circulation. Reviewers love how strong they smell, and the convenient gift packaging they come in.


26. A Shampoo Set To Keep Hair Soft And Growing

J.R. LIggett’s Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar Set, $17 (3 Pack), Amazon

Bar soaps aren’t just for the body and they aren’t all loaded with sulfates and additives either. This shampoo bar set is a wonderful treat to cleanse the hair without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. Each shampoo bar contains a unique plant-based blend that keeps hair healthy and encourages growth. The set of three comes with an anti-fungal tea tree and hemp oil bar which is excellent for flaky and dry scalps, a jojoba and peppermint blend that’s stimulating and nourishing, and a coconut and argan oil blend to leave hair shiny. They're all natural, vegan, and biodegradable, too.


27. A Rainbow Brush Set To Brighten Your Makeup Collection

Docolor Makeup Brushes Fantasy Set, $17 (10 Piece), Amazon

This vegan makeup brush set is a wonderful gift for makeup wearers that love to express themselves with vibrant colors. The set comes with ten brushes including powder, eyeshadow, brow, and concealer brushes. They’re not just beautiful to look at either; the high-quality bristles are soft and durable so you can apply your makeup evenly without irritation or shedding. Reviewers are finding these brushes well worth the price because the coverage is as beautiful as the brushes.


28. A Luxury Skincare Collection That's Worth Much More Than The Price Tag

Mario Badescu Enzyme Skincare Set, $66 (5 Piece), Amazon

A collection of the best-selling products from a highly trusted luxury skincare line, this unisex collection of skin products is a must-have gift for your face. Included is their cult-favorite, number one bestselling enzyme cleansing gel, a cucumber-infused toner, a rich olive body lotion, an oil-free moisturizer, and a hand cream infused with vitamin E. The set comes pre-gift wrapped with a compact mirror and a complimentary bag for storing and traveling. Even though the formulas feel gentle and mild, reviewers on Amazon love the smell and smooth feeling of these products.


29. An Oval Toothbrush Foundation Set To Apply Makeup In Style

Leegoal Silicone Makeup Brush Set, $5 (5 Piece), Amazon

Combining the powers of the silicone sponge and the oval brush, this funky set has a flat design and an easy to grip handle for even makeup application and less waste. These brushes work with foundations, creams, powders, and blushes and come in five different sizes for your eyes, cheeks, and face. They’re soft on your skin and really easy to clean, so you can keep your beautiful brushes in tact, sans germs.


30. A Tropical Bath and Body Set To Keep Skin Radiant

Freida Joe Tropical Milky Coconut Bath and Body Spa Gift Set, $17, Amazon

This tropical bath and body set is a wonderful gift for anyone that likes to pamper themselves at home, and comes with a shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, body scrub, body butter, and body lotion. Each product has a delicious tropical scent that will have your mind wistfully dreaming of island temperatures. The fragrance has subtle notes of creamy coconut, and comes beautifully wrapped in a wooden caddy that’s great for reusing in the kitchen or bathroom.


31. A Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set For DIY Beauty Hacks

Teenitor Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set, $8 (9 Pieces), Amazon

For those who love to whip up their own beauty products at home, this face mask mixing bowl set will take the messiness out of your DIY beauty hacks. It comes with everything you need to for making homemade hair masks, mixing up clay into face masks, and any other creations you have in mind: measuring spoons to keep your portions precise, a spatula, a brush for application, a spray bottle to loosen up body scrubs, and of course, a small jar to store the leftovers.


32. A Straightening and Curling Set To Keep Heat Styling Safe

Herstyler Complete Flat Iron and Curling Iron Set, $38, Amazon

This flat iron and curling iron set is great for anyone that likes to switch up their hairstyle without the heat damage. The ceramic plates are made with clipless Teflon barrels and a floating plate technology that help distribute heat evenly and safely. The set includes a tapered hair curler for waves and ringlets, a hair straightener, and a travel-sized flat iron that can easily fit in a carry-on or large purse. This is an awesome set for a great price, and reviewers find it both effective and durable.


33. The Healing Creams and Balms To Provide Long-Lasting Moisture

J.R Watkins Skin Care Gift Set, $8, Amazon

With many of us facing some seriously low temperatures this winter, this skin care gift set will show a pal how much you care about them — and their moisturizing needs. The set includes a natural beeswax lip balm, a lemon and a lavender hand and body lotion, and an aloe hand cream. The products are formulated with natural ingredients that heal and protect skin from dryness, and are small enough to travel with. One reviewer loves giving these away: "Love this on-the-go pack. I find J.R. Watkins products to be just marvelous across the board, and love giving these packs as gifts."


34. A Carrier Oil Set To Keep Your Blending Honest

Plant Guru Carrier Oil Variety Set, $17, Amazon

Whether you're blending essential oils or using these vegetable oils solo for the skin and hair-softening benefits, this carrier oil set is an excellent addition to your skincare or aromatherapy practice. Plant Guru oils are cold-pressed and pure to ensure your oils retain all the vital nutrients of the plant. This set comes with sweet almond, avocado, coconut, and grapeseed oil; and the coconut oil is fractionated so there’s no need to worry about it hardening below room temperature.


35. A Blush Palette To Explore Your Favorite Blush Shades

Ucanbe Waterproof Blusher Palette With Blush Brush, $12, Amazon

A great way to experiment with different blush colors without shelling out a bunch of cash is to nab one of these brusher palettes. It comes with a brush blush, a mirror and five different shades including rose pink, cream orange, coral pink, and caramel. The powders are smooth and long-lasting, because they’re made with rich pigments. Each blush is waterproof and suitable for all skin types to enjoy.


36. A Makeup Bag Set To House All Your Tools And Products

Sea Team Multicolored Portable Travel Toiletry Pouch, $10 (6 Piece), Amazon

These portable makeup bags are awesome for traveling or storing your makeup products, and comes with six chic bags to help you stay organized. The nylon mesh fabric allows you to see your products so you won’t lose your mind looking for your fave lipstick, are travel-friendly, and made from extremely sturdy material. If there's any other spills, these bags are easy to clean and dry quickly.


37. A Men's Grooming Set To Keep Skin Healthy Wherever You Go

Lab Series Skincare For Men Everywhere Essentials Travel Kit, $30 (Set of 4), Amazon

A great gift for anyone who's always traveling, this skincare set includes the essentials needed to promote clear, healthy skin. The multi-action face wash alone has Amazon reviewers impressed and refreshed. It comes with a lip balm, a gentle face lotion, and a cooling shaving cream. These products are great for all skin types and made with gentle formulas and subtle scents. Reviewers say a little goes a long way, and the scent is clean and mild.


38. A Double-Sided Brush Set That's Brilliant For Travel

SHANY Double Sided Essential Brush Set With Travel Pouch, $8 (5 Pieces), Amazon

This makeup brush set is the perfect travel companion because it comes with a compact, stylish case to store all five brushes. This set will cover all your needs without taking up too much space — the double-sided brushes include a concealer, brow, eyeshadow, lip, foundation, and eyeliner brush. The bristles are made from sable, goat, and synthetic fibers that are durable and shed-free.


39. A Curling Iron Set To Give You Flawless Curls

Homitt 5 In 1 Curling Iron Set, $35, Amazon

You can curl like a professional with this curling iron set; it comes with five curling iron barrels that easily lock into the handle for safety. This set can be used effectively on thick or fine hair with an adjustable temperature feature that caters to both. The different barrels lets you choose your curl style, whether you fancy corkscrew curls, waves, big romantic curls, or bouncy ringlets. It also comes with a heat-styling glove that helps keep your hands from burning.


40. A Clinique Makeup Set With An Adorable Bag

Clinique Makeup Skincare Gift Set Blue Butterfly Bag, $27 (7 Pieces), Amazon

If you already love Clinique, this is a great set to travel with, or if you're new to it — this makeup and skincare gift set has some of the best products in the line to try out. This comes with a nightly moisturizer, their classic moisturizing lotion, a dramatic mascara, a smoky eye duo, a blush, and a long-lasting matte lipstick in a cooler beige-pink. It also comes with two adorable blue butterfly bags to store everything in.


41. A Makeup Brush Set That Comes In A Sturdy Case

Veeve Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set, $15 (Set of 12), Amazon

This makeup brush set comes with a sturdy case to keep your brushes in; and include a beauty blending sponge, and brushes for eyes, lips, brows, blush, foundation, powder and blending. They’re made from high-quality synthetic bristles that help evenly apply makeup without streaks or shedding. This set also comes with a brush egg cleaning tool to make cleaning your brushes an easy task. Reviewers are finding the brushes, the cleaning tool, and trusty container sturdy an all-around amazing purchase.

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