The Best Blushers Under £10 For A Peachy Glow & Mega Savings


Finding the right blusher can be a complete pain. There are so many things to consider, from finding one that suits your skin tone, to picking the right formula (cream or blush, cream or blush, cream or...?!). And then there's budget: there are so many amazing pricier blushers from top brands around, but it can seem difficult to get your hands on a good blusher under £10 without it being chalky in formula or limited in colour range. I've picked out some of the best that won't break the bank and are actually GOOD.

As well as finding the right product, I have always struggled with applying blusher in the right place; too close to your nose and eyes, and you can end up looking a bit clown-esque, yet too far back and it may look as if you haven't used enough. The way I've learnt is to watch YouTube videos, of which there are plenty to peruse. But I also found this advice from Karla Powell, makeup artist and brand ambassador for MUA Cosmetics, really useful; she told Good Housekeeping that placement actually applies on the effect you want and your skin:

"For a youthful glow opt for light liquid and cream blushers to add a touch of colour to your face, we’re always taught to place blush on the apples of our cheeks," she explained.
"But as we age these can drop, so for a more youthful effect try adding your blush a little higher up, nearer to your cheekbones for a "lifted" effect."

Take this useful advice and pick your shade below, for the perfect blusher application.