The Best Butter Dishes

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Here's a quick way to make your experience with butter even better: Give it a new home. Storing butter in one of the best butter dishes can go a surprisingly long way in improving your day-to-day, whether you prefer to keep butter at room temperature or in the refrigerator. That's because many of today's dishes come with smart design features, like measurement markings for serving or baking, and non-slip bases to keep the butter firmly in place, instead of smashed on the floor.

In pursuit of the best butter dish, only those with lids were considered to keep dust and hair at bay (a necessity if pets are around). Size was also a determining factor. You might not even know it, but there are three types of butter — East Coast, West Coast, and European-style. The difference between East Coast and West Coast butter comes down to height and width. A 4-ounce stick of butter in New York City holds the same amount of butter as 4-ounce stick in Los Angeles, but an East Coast stick of butter is longer and leaner, whereas a West Coast stick has a shorter, squatter shape. The best butter dishes will be wide and tall enough to accommodate either.

European-style butter is known stateside for its richer taste due to a higher butterfat content, but in terms of finding the right butter dish, keep in mind this type of butter often comes wrapped in a wide, 8-ounce rectangular slab, double the size of American sticks of butter.

With all that in mind, it's time to shop. Here are the best butter dishes, no matter how or where you butter your toast.