The 7 Best Yoga Mats That Cost Less Than $30, For Every Type Of Yogi

On one hand, I'm of the belief that you can't put a price tag on health, happiness, and inner peace. On the other hand, I'm not about to spend $180 on something that I walk all over and drip sweat onto. The best affordable yoga mats can get you there ("there" being a successful, fulfilling practice) for under $30. You don't need something made out of gold — you just need to look for the right features that fit your yogi requirements.

Personally, my favorite thing about yoga is that it's affordable and accessible. A gym membership is unnecessary, a $300 weight set is uncalled for, and even an instructor is optional. If you've got access to YouTube and something between you and the floor, you're set.

I've been practicing weekly for years, and my mat had a $25 price tag on it when I bought it in 2016; it's still holding strong. Whether you're looking for a beginner yoga mat or the best yoga mat for bad knees, Amazon has tons of great choices within your price range. To help you on your shopping journey, I've narrowed down some of the most reliable mats in different categories, and every single one comes in at under $30.


This Extra Thick One That's Especially Easy On The Wrists And Knees

Made from half an inch of high-density foam, this Fit Spirit extra thick mat has over a thousand reviews: "I have bad knees and wrists, so the thickness creates a good layer between me and the hard floor and I can hold positions longer," one writes. Still, despite the added cushioning, it's made for extra traction, slip resistance, and support to help you balance and keep poses. It also wipes clean with a damp towel and lasts a surprisingly long time.


This Mat That's Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, And Doesn't Have That Nasty Chemical Smell

Because it's free from any rubber or latex and is 100 percent recyclable, this Goldmore mat is good for both you and the environment. The SGS-certified non-toxic material (TPE, specifically) is extremely lightweight and offers non-slip security during your practice. It's also got a unique reversible pattern for high-performance grip, and it's high density to keep you comfortable during your practice. Most importantly, unlike most other brands that come smelling like chemicals, this one has reviewers raving, "I can breath so free!"


This Mat That Comes In Five Statement-Making Patterns And Designs

French Bull is not your average, solid-colored mat brand. Available in five gorgeous designs (Blue Ombre, Happy Terazzo, Pink Ombre, Vine, and this multicolored Ziggy pattern) you're sure to have the most unique yoga mat in the studio. It's also easy to clean, free of latex, and made with a non-slip backing to provide superior traction on a wood or tile floor. Reviewers say it's got "just the right amount of cushion and grip" to keep you comfortable, balanced, and fashionable all throughout your practice.


This Mat That's Compact, Lightweight, And Easy To Travel With

Designed for the yogi on the go, this Fit Spirit premium printed mat is ultra lightweight, super thin, and very easy to fold or roll up. Despite its portability, though, reviewers say it's "long enough for tall people," and "has enough cushion without stretching." It's free from toxic phthalates and comes in 12 really pretty designs and two different thicknesses. If you'll likely take your mat on vacation for some much-needed tropical beach yoga, this is the one to buy.


This Non-Slip Mat For Extra Sweaty Yoga Sessions

With double-sided non-slip textures, this Clever Yoga mat ensures that you stay safe no matter how sweaty things get. It's a great option for hot yoga (or higher impact exercises) because the wavy texture keeps the mat on the floor and the petal texture keeps your hands and feet stay put. It's also made from a non-toxic TPE material that won't tear, stretch, or shred, even with intense usage. Plus, the closed-cell surface locks out germs and dirt, so it's easy to clean after a tough workout.


6.This Mat That Has A Stripe To Help With Your Alignment

Proper alignment is an important part of any pose. This IUGA mat has a stripe down the middle to help you maintain the correct body posture in several asanas, which is particularly useful during your home practice. It's also made with a specially designed cellular structure foam that's hypoallergenic, non-slip, stable, and provides a decent amount of cushioning for your joints. It's available in four different colors, and reviewers agree, "The alignment stripe allows [them] to monitor when [they] drift off center."


This Mat That's Great For Any Exercise, From Pilates To Gymnastics

If you practice more than just yoga, this one's for you. While you could technically use any mat for all different activities, this one is an especially solid choice for a few reasons: it's extra soft, super durable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The 1/3-inch foam is a favorite among those who practice Pilates, gymnastics, and dance because it allows for cushioning and high-performance exercises simultaneously. One reviewer comments that this yoga mat is "a favorite with dancers at [their] ballet studio" because it's "softer than most mats" on the market. It's also non-toxic and comes with a free carrying strap.

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