The Best Eyeliners For Lash Extensions

There's a catch-22 when it comes to eyelash extensions. They give your lashes added length and volume, which makes the rest of your makeup look great. But because of how delicate they are, there are certain eyeliners that won't work with them. So how do you figure out what the best eyeliners for lash extensions are? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, you want to look for a formula that's oil-free. Why? Oils can break down the glue that holds your extensions on, meaning that they'll fall out more easily. A lot of formulas need oils or harsh ingredients to break them down, which can also break down your lashes. And surprisingly, a lot of liners have oils in them — so you want to keep an eye on the ingredients.

Finally, certain pens/pencils can tug on your lids, which can also lead to lash fall out. So formulas that glide on easily are your best bet. Otherwise, the back-and-forth motion of a stiff pencil can be disastrous.

Got all that? Good. Ahead, find our picks for the best eyeliners for lash extensions. You paid good money for those extensions — make sure you're treating them well.


An Oil-Free Liquid Liner

If you love liquid eyeliner, but are stumped on how to find a formula that's lash-friendly, then look no further than DLUX Professional Flawless Eyeliner. It's an oil-free formula, so it won't strip your lashes, and although it's waterproof, it can be easily removed with gentle soap. Aside from all of that, it also happens to be a genuinely great eyeliner. Its pen design ensures precise application, making it perfect for everything from cat-eyes to thin lines.


A Long-Wearing Powder Option

Powders are a great option for those with lash extensions because you just need a drop of water to turn them into liquid. Jolie Cake Liner works exactly like that. A drop of water on the end of a brush, and you can draw a line on in a snap. Since it was applied with water, it also can be removed with water, so no rubbing or scrubbing to get the pigment off. And Jolie's liner dries matte, creating a velvety line that's long-wearing.


A Gel Liner That Comes Off Easily

If you haven't tried a gel liner yet, then you should give TONYMOLY Black Gel Liner a whirl. It glides on to lids like a dream, creating whatever liner design you could want. Since it uses a gel base instead of oil, it's lash extension-friendly. Plus, gels are much easier to remove than traditional liquid liners, so there's no scrubbing or tugging that'll make your lashes fall out faster. TONYMOLY's liner is highly pigmented and comes with its own brush for easy application.


A Pencil That Won't Tug On Your Lids

If your preference is pencils, you should give Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil a try. It's more of a pen than a pencil, but the application is the same — aside from one major detail. This liner glides on easily, instead of tugging at your lids. It's also enriched with vitamin E, which helps it glide on super smooth. That makes it amazing if liners that tug tend to bust up your lash extensions. Plus, you can smudge it out to make a smoky eye, which means you've got more variety.

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