Redditors Are CONVINCED They Have Found The Best Foundation For Dry Skin

Everyone has a different skin type, which means not every foundation formula works with everyone's skin. The good news is that brands have tons of different formulas. The bad news is that it sometimes takes a while to find the best one for your dry skin. According to Reddit, Lancome's Absolue Cream is the best full-coverage foundation for extra-dry skin. Instead of spending our hard earned money on finding the right one, get some advice from the beauty community instead.

Whether you're looking to work with your dry skin or just stock up on a great foundation for winter, Lancôme's Absolue Cream is the product for you — and it's already been Reddit approved. The product is not your average foundation. Instead of being in bottle with a pump or a tube, it's a cream in a jar.

So you can probably already guess why it's great for extra-dry skin. The product description says that it was made with deep hydration, comfort, and full-coverage in mind. Reddit agrees with that.

"Lancôme Absolue Cream foundation in the jar. It is my HG, it’s the ONLY foundation that doesn’t look dry or cakey on my skin. Seriously, it’s amazing," Reddit user princesspoohs writes. "Most foundations look like dry foundation on me and make my spots that are the teensiest dry or textured look so much worse (and sometimes flake) but the Lancôme doesn’t. It’s super rich and emollient."

Like all products, there are some cons to Lancôme's Absolue Cream Foundation. Although it is incredible for extra-dry skin, it is extremely pricey. Or, as Reddit user princesspoohs puts it, "it’s stupidly expensive but it’s so good." The foundation rings in at $69 for one jar.

The other major miss is that there are only eight shade available and every single one of them are for light skin tones. Bustle reached out to Lancôme to see if the brand has plans to expand the line. Considering that the brand has not posted about the foundation in over a year, it doesn't look likely though.

The brand has pushed its Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation much more than any other formula. According to the website, it's suitable for all skin types and there are 40 different foundations. It's also much cheaper than the cream foundation, at $45.

If you're looking to stay in the Absolue family, there are plenty other items to give a try too. The brand currently offers over 30 products by the same name. Products range from skincare and foundations to the sold our finishing powder, which is said to be loved by all skin types.

Stocking up on ultra-hydrating items is never a bad thing. Summer is coming to an end, which means it's almost time to start swapping out your light skin care routine for something with a bit more hydration. You still have some time to save up for the Reddit-approved foundation, too. If nothing else, it will at least be on your radar for the upcoming season.