7 Awesome Hair Masks For Hair That’s Thirsty AF

Sun damage, heat styling, chemical treatments, and the weather — these are just a few common causes of dry hair. There are many other factors that attribute to severely parched strands, too (hello, genetics), but the best hair masks for dry hair offer an immediate solution.

Unlike daily conditioners that treat the surface of our tresses, hair masks are heavier duty, and typically only need to be applied once a week. These hardcore treatments are able to deeply penetrate strands to replenish moisture and reconstruct hair that's damaged from dye and other chemicals. They're also beneficial for hair that's naturally dry, or is parched due to external environmental factors.

You might also be dealing with both dry hair and damage. As someone with notoriously dry, coarse curls, I’m well-versed in this chain of events (first dryness, then damage). When hair is dry, it becomes fragile and more prone to breakage, tangles, and split ends. But replenishing dry strands with the best conditioning hair masks can actually save you from an unwanted haircut down the line. Plus, they make a great addition to at-home spa days — if you're treating your skin, why not give your hair the same love, too?

If you have thirsty hair, check out these seven masks, below, for every texture and type.


A Weekly Conditioning Mask That Uses Sea Buckthorn Oil For Softness And Shine

Formulated to be used as a weekly conditioning treatment, this hair mask has a lightweight texture which makes it great naturally straight hair that needs extra moisture on the regular. It contains sea buckthorn oil, which is a rare fruit grown in the Himalayas and Siberia that has moisturizing fatty acids, and a high content of vitamins E and C. This mask also revitalizes dry scalps and tresses and helps manage waves and curls. Plus, it smells delicious.


An Argan Oil Mask That Deeply Nourishes And Conditions All Hair Types

When your hair is going through a severe drought, you can count on this sulfate and paraben-free hair mask. It’s no secret that when hair gets dry, it becomes more fragile and more prone to breakage, but this hair mask is formulated with one of the most intensely strengthening ingredients around: argan oil. It'll also make hair shiny and restore over-processed tresses, and it's great for all hair types, whether processed, fine, curly, or permed. Plus, it has over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon — so you know it's doing something right.


An Olive Oil-Infused Mask That's Great For Curls And Chemically Straightened Hair

This hair smoothie relaxes, smoothes, and detangles hair that's especially dry from being chemically straightened. It helps define curls, is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals, and uses lustrous emollients like olive oil to provide intense moisture. Since regular treatments can wreak havoc on the scalp, this is a great way to ensure you're creating a healthy environment for new growth. This mask also comes with a bottle of Khoret Amen hair oil, which works great as a leave-in conditioning treatment.


A Mask That Uses Lava Clay To Rehydrate And Volumize Fine Hair

Ideal for fine tresses that are suffering from a bout of dryness, this deeply moisturizing mask uses clay and shea butter to leave hair feeling silky and soft. One of clay’s notorious benefits is that it balances oil, so this mask will help rehydrate hair without weighing it down. Other benefits include repairing straight ends and sealing in moisture, and it's great for all hair types.


A Strengthening Mask That Softens Dry Curls And Soothes Irritated Scalps

You may not have seen some of these ingredients in hair products before, but this deep treatment mask softens curls and reduces frizz like nobody's business. Made with Indian hemp, tamanu oil, garlic extract, bamboo, and monoi oil, this is a godsend for dry curls. Tamanu oil helps balance oil production and heal the skin, so this is great for an irritated scalp, particularly if you use heat on it frequently. Whether your curls are fine, thick, or textured, you'll love this mask.


An Intensely Hydrating Treatment Mask for Extra-Dry Afro-Textured Hair

For those of us with kinky tresses, it’s essential to make sure a deep conditioning mask nourishes the root and ends of the hair while also replenishing moisture in the scalp — and this intensive hydration mask will do just that. I’ve used this mask on my type four coils after shamefully going weeks without putting water in my hair, and it does two important things. One: It softens hair quickly, making detangling without losing precious curls possible. Two: It actually keeps my hair moisturized and soft for at least a week. The manuka honey and mafura oil help are what makes the mask so effective, and a little goes a long way, so you don’t have to use half the container in one use.


A Splurge-Worthy Restorative Mask For Damaged, Color-Treated Hair

This hair mask may seem like a splurge, but reviewers with thick, over-processed, dry hair say it's worth it. It's formulated to provide moisture deeply within your shaft and even helps prevent future damage and breakage. Even though this treatment has a lightweight texture, it's powerful enough to heal bleached and chemically-treated hair. It's silicone free, safe for all hair types, and makes each strand stronger and shinier. For maximum effect, use with the brand's "restore" shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

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