5 Hair Scrubs To Try, Because It's Not Just Your Skin That Needs Exfoliation

We all know that face and body scrubs are super satisfying, and have their place in an effective skincare and body care regime. But word has it, these are not the only places we should be experimenting with a scrub; our hair can apparently benefit from one too. But why do you need a hair scrub, and where can you even buy one from? Turns out, a tonne of brands now sell hair scrubs. Here's a round up of the best hair scrubs to invest in, because your scalp deserves as much attention as your lengths.

It turns out, the skin on the scalp benefits from a scrub just as much as the rest of the skin on your body. Exfoliating the scalp can slough away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation as it does with the face and body, and in general balance out the skin to lead to a much healthier scalp.

Steve Shiel, scientific director at L'Oréal UK & Ireland, told Vogue that shampoo is not enough, and that a scrub really is necessary:

“You need a scrub to effectively remove excess sebum and product residue and leave the scalp's surface feeling clean and refreshed, which they are better able to do thanks to natural exfoliating ingredients."

Lucy Vincent, beauty expert and founder of Sans Ceuticals, echoed these views when she told Byrdie the following: "Exfoliation is essential for keeping the hair and scalp in top condition," she said.

"Our natural sebum keeps everything in check, preventing dry scalp. It also allows oils to nourish and protect our hair's mid-lengths and ends. On the flip side, an overproduction or buildup of sebum on the scalp can feed the Malassezia furfur yeast that can lead to dandruff, hence exfoliation is key."

With this in mind, check out these ace hair scrubs: