The Best Hangover Cures, According To People In The Food Industry

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Good food and good drink is synonymous with a good eating establishment, wouldn’t you say? You know what else is? A great group of people who work late and know what it means to let loose once the doors close late at night. Let’s just say that, for the most part, restaurateurs nightcap better than the rest of us. Wouldn’t you expect that they have the most delicious and genius hangover suggestions? We did! So we asked some of our friends to divulge their ultimate recipe for surviving a hangover, especially this holiday season. Take notes, friends.

John Poiarkoff, Chef at Denizen

Damien Del Rio, Co-Owner of Loosie Rouge, Loosie’s Kitchen, and Loosie’s Café

Leah Cohen, Chef & Co-Owner of Pig & Khao & Piggyback Bar

Max Fortang and Graham Fortang, brothers and co-founders of MatchaBar

Thomas Besnard, Chef at Brigitte

Jason Mendenhall, Owner, Creative Director & Beverage Director, The Wild Son, Goodnight Sonny, The Wayland, The Lost Lady, Whiskey Water Design

Ricky Arias, Chef, Dinnertable

Oliver Ressler, The Press Shop

Chef Nini Nguyen, Cook Space