11 Hun Memes That'll Have You Living, Laughing & Loving Til The Prosecco's Run Dry

by Aoife Hanna
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U OK hun? Fab. Being a hun is an everyday part of living for most people. It's all about accepting the more basic things in life, of knowing you are all good with guilty pleasures. But mainly about being able to laugh at all of the above. Whether it's viral news, Z-list celebs you know you shouldn't know everything about, or former fashion trends that are so bad, they're amazing — huns have it down. Like all very important things in modern times, huns feature heavily in memes and wading through the best hun memes is not necessarily an easy task. So I've come up with a list that does all the wading for you.

The person behind the enormously popular Instagram account Hunsnet spoke to Vice about what hun culture means: "The whole hun culture thing allows people to completely take the piss out of themselves and everyone around them, and no one can say a single thing or get threatened by it and you put the word hun on the end."

Ah yes, like a far more fun version of the ever popular "no offence but." And the ever present and very important "U OK hun?" as a perfectly passive aggressive dis on someone's behaviour. Only the kind of pass agg dig that's actually quite fun and enjoyable.

1. "Can I speak to the manager" haircut

Some styles are more celebrated than others in the world of hun memes. A particularly popular style and one I genuinely covet is the "can I speak to the manager" haircut. It's short and spikey at the front and long and impossibly flat at the front. A look that says "I want to speak to the manager. And the manager's manager."

2. Reality TV stars

Another big hit with huns is reality TV stars. Everything about them. From their talents to their music to their styling.

3. Kim Woodburn

Sometimes a picture is a thousand words and in terms of extreme hun-nage, our Kim is one of the best. Especially when it comes to dating tips.

4. Letting loose with a bit of bubbly

Being a hun means letting loose and enjoying the finer things in life, guilt free. Who doesn't love a bit of bubbly?!

5. Partying like a pro

Maybe you want to get out there, hit the dance floor, and party like a pro.

6. Getting political

And as the above character proves, huns also take an interest in the more important things. Like politics.

7. The GC

All hail the queen of huns.

8. Hun-worthy news

Or maybe it is hun-worthy news items? That make you say, "sorry, what?"

9. Top tips

And who could forget the very important handy tips page in certain publications?

10. Embracing the hun lifestyle

But, guys, being a hun isn't just an attitude. It isn't just a dress sense or enjoying a crafty fag. Nor is it just a strange and unusual headline. No guys. It is also a decor, a lifestyle. A chance to truly live the hun life...

11. The hun afterlife

...And something you can even maintain long into the afterlife.

Whichever hun you are, remember to live, laugh, love. And dance like there's nobody watching. Or whatever.

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