This Durable, Professional-Looking Luggage Is The Key To Traveling For Business (Or For Pleasure)


Between business-appropriate outfits, papers, and computers, traveling for work requires you bring along a lot of, for lack of a better word, stuff. Luckily, the best luggage for business travel can fit everything you need, and still comes in professional-looking colors and designs that are sure to put your best foot forward.

So, what should you look for in suitcases for business trips? Well, number one is durability. If you travel often enough for work that you're reading this, you'll want to invest in luggage that can stand up to the wear and tear of a hectic day at the airport or the overhead compartments of an Amtrak train. Not only will this extend the lifespan of your suitcases, but a well-cared-for piece of luggage is key to looking like you have your work life together (even if you don't, no judgement).

Next think about your needs. Are you traveling for long enough that you'll need a large piece of luggage or can you get away with a carry-on suitcase? The answer to this will help you narrow your search.

Pro tip: While you can opt for whatever color suits you, experts recommend black, blue, brown, and green as the best colors for a professional wardrobe (yes, suitcases are technically part of your wardrobe!).

Without further ado, the best luggage for business travel.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Made from a durable and strong polycarbonate, this 25-inch spinner suitcase is beloved by travelers far and wide. Not only can the center be expanded to fit additional belongings, but the interior has two lined compartments that you can use to store business clothes, papers, or other personal items. It also has a TSA-approved lock to protect your valuables and four well-made wheels that silently glide through airports, conference centers, or wherever your trip takes you. It's available in nine different colors including black (pictured), brushed charcoal, titanium, as well as brighter options.

What fans say: "5 stars for this great travel bag. I took a week long business trip to Asia and was pleasantly surprised at how well this case performed. It suffered the abuse of the baggage handling process easily, wiped up with a damp rag, held all my clothes easily and the zipper to expand the capacity was a blessing."


The Most Affordable

If you're not looking to shell out a lot, this classic black spinner suitcase checks all of the boxes. For a super affordable price, you're getting a durable yet lightweight piece of luggage that can stand up to almost any travel conditions. It's made of a thick ABS, a strong thermoplastic that's lighter than polycarbonate. It's also expandable to allow 15 percent more storage space. The polyester interior has three individual pockets you can use to store smaller items and then zipper shut. While this is a smaller suitcase (20-inch suitcases are best for a trip three days or less), it also comes in a 24- and 28-inch version for more room. With 1,100 Amazon reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this piece of luggage is tried, true, and great for business trips.

What fans say: "Almost bought the samsonite for double the cost. Very nice piece. Wheels roll very smoothly and quietly. Just did a 5 night business trip out of this bag. Fits great in the overhead. I recommend it."


The Best Softside

Unlike other options on this list, this black 25-inch suitcase is soft-sided and made of a high-quality fabric blend. While softside suitcases tend to be less durable than hardside luggage, this fan-favorite is built with a strong frame system and even comes with a lifetime warranty. And, because TravelPro has been in the business of making quality suitcases for decades, they test their luggage to ensure that it performs the same in different temperatures, that it's water repellant, and that it functions well in a variety of real-world conditions. You can feel extra sure that this softside suitcase will hold up to any foul weather or harsh conditions you encounter on your travels.

What fans say: "I recently purchased this bag for a 3-month long business trip. Filled with clothes and a few papers, it came to 40 pounds, safely under the common airline limit of 50 pounds. I don't think that I'd want to handle more weight than that, so there really isn't much reason for me to get a slightly bigger bag."


The Best For A Long Trip

When you're headed out of town for a month on business, you'll need to bring a lot with you. Enter this 29-inch expandable suitcase from DELSEY. This popular hardside luggage expands an extra 2 inches to fit everything you'd need for extended travel. It's also made of 100-percent polycarbonate so it won't wear down, even if it gets tossed around en route. Inside you'll find one zippered side for storing things that might spill or fall out, and one side with ties to hold down clothes or papers. With nearly 800 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this popular suitcase is a great investment to make if you have long journeys ahead.

What fans say: "Wonderful suitcase, holds enough for my winter business clothes (I am female) for 3 weeks with 3 pairs of shoes and a couple of casual outfits... The suitcase is sturdy but not so heavy that at my age ( 60 ) I have trouble removing it from the luggage turnstile at the airport. The Wheels work perfectly (360), zippers and interior are great."


The Best Luggage Set

For the most value, opt for this three-piece luggage set. Each hardside suitcase is made of a blend of ABS and polycarbonate for a strong yet lightweight build. The exterior is designed with textured ridges to eliminate the chance of the suitcases bumping into things and scratching. Each suitcase also has a TSA-approved lock on one side so you can safely store your belongings. From a construction standpoint, these suitcases hold up. Their ergonomic handles are made of strong aluminum that's shaped to fit comfortably into a hand and all twelve wheels in this set can rotate 360 degrees so you can get to where you're going quickly and easily. The three suitcases come in 20-, 24-, and 28-inch sizes, and the entire set is available in five different colors. If you know you'll be traveling on both long and short business trips, this option will give you the best value of any luggage on this list.

What fans say: "Super light-weight, slightly flexible sides for a 'hardside', making it durable for the rapid and sometimes destructive baggage handling process. It also navigated bumpy surfaces like cobblestoned streets better than expected. I lived out of this bag for 3 weeks in Europe, and it was a size I could manage on my own as a woman business traveler."


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Even if your job doesn't require business formal dress, you might find yourself needing a suit with you when you're on work trips. In those moments, having a reliable garment bag, like this one from ZEGUR, is crucial. This bag folds out to allow an entire suit to rest inside of it without wrinkling. It has interior pockets and a buckle to hold your items in place so they don't jostle around when you travel. And, best of all, its polyester exterior is waterproof to protect your outfits from the elements. But, don't take my word for it. It earned glowing reviews from nearly 1,500 Amazon reviewers who think this garment bag is a business-trip essential.

What fans say: "This is an awesome travel bag! It's sturdy and does the trick! IT's perfect for a carry on bag on an airplane and is convenient with enough pockets and space to fit all of your needs when travelling for business. I definitely recommend it! It will absolutely keep your garments wrinkle free and secure."

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