5 Mascaras Perfect For Dealing With Those Fiddly Lower Lashes

Lorraine Barnard/Getty

I can't count the amount of times someone has told me their desert island must-have makeup product is mascara. Honestly, it seems to be the thing we cannot live without. I also know how many of us struggle with mascara smudging and application, and this is even more common around our lower lashes. These lashes are far more fiddly, and require much more of a skilled application, but luckily, there are some formulas that make this a whole lot easier. These mascaras for bottom lashes are either specifically designed for the lower eyelashes, or have brushes that are conducive to application in this area.

While having the perfect product is one thing, accurately applying your mascara to these teensy lashes also depends on your technique. Rather than applying it directly downwards, it's actually better to do it diagonally in order for more of a natural finish. Make sure you apply it ultra lightly rather than going in heavy handed; you can always build it up afterwards, and this will allow you more control with your chosen product.

Take a look at these best mascaras for bottom lashes, from the likes of Clinique, Pixi Beauty, and Glossier.