The Best National Siblings Day Tweets & Memes

From unrelenting teasing and fighting to unbreakable have-your-back bonds, the relationships you have with your siblings are like nothing else. And to celebrate all aspects of brotherhood and sisterhood, folks on Twitter are telling familial tales via the trending hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay.

Whether you're related by blood, marriage, or adoption, siblings have a major impact on who you are as a kid, and who you become as an adult. According to one 2010 study, siblings function as “agents of socialization” and can train us from an early age how and how not to behave. If, for example, you have an older sister who is really studious, that can impact how much effort you put into school. And if, for example, your older sister got pregnant in high school or used drugs, your chances for doing the same also increases.

The quality of your relationship with your brothers and sisters can also impact your well-being as you get older. One Swedish study found that a good relationship with your sibs can correlate with better health and better moods. But at the same time, your psychological and physical destiny isn't always linked to your family ties, either. Although we may not get to choose our siblings, they undoubtedly have a lifetime impact on who we are.

Here's what Twitter users have to say about siblings on National Sibling Day:

1. Fighting Is Normal

2. Teasing Is A Requirement

3. You Look Up To Them

4. You've Survived A Lot Together

6. You Love The Hell Out Of Them

Happy Siblings Day!