People Are Sharing Their Happiness Hacks & It'll Brighten Your Day

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The Declaration of Independence might guarantee the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" (for white men at least), but there are a lot of profoundly unhappy folks out there. With the purpose of aiding their fellow humans in said pursuit, however, Twitter users are taking to the trending hashtag #NoBrainerWayToHappinessIs to reveal all the ways they suck the joy juice out of life. As you might expect, the suggestions range from serious and inspiring to totally trolly.

Over the past few decades, a multi-billion dollar industry has been built around happiness. Books, TV shows, podcasts, and documentaries have been created on the subject, and there's not shortage of scientific and magical remedies to help individuals increase their happiness quotients.

One famous study that observed Harvard graduates over the course of nearly 80 years found that close relationships are the key to lifelong happiness. Another study by Princeton University found that if you make at least 75k a year, your happiness will not increase with any pay increases — although if you make less than 75k it likely will. Still, happiness is completely subjective, and is a slippery emotion to pin down.

The following are five different ways Twitter users have found are totally no-brainer ways to happiness:

1. Going Offline

2. Surround Yourself With Good People

3. Have Animals In Your Life

4. Make Time For Activities You Love

5. Eat...And Keep Eating!

5. Don't Focus Too Much On Happiness

However you choose to find your happiness in life, it's pretty clear that there's no one way to find it, keep it, and share it with those you love.