5 Podcasts About Running For Killer Motivation & No-Nonsense Advice


It's that time of year when it's just sunny enough to lure you out of your house, but not hot enough to make you want to jump right back into a freezing cold bathtub. The flowers are out, the people are out, and plenty of them are jogging. If you're feeling uninspired, or just want to hear about how to take your jogging game up a gear from some experts, then plugging into a podcast will have you covered. Whether you listen while you jog, or just in preparation, here are the best podcasts about running, so that you don't have to chase them up yourself.

Whether your left your jogging days in the school field, or are working tirelessly to beat your personal best, there's a running podcast out there for you to match your skill and ambition. Trying to understand both the physical and mental process involved in running, which a podcast can help do, will make you both appreciate your running time a little better, as well as hopefully improve your speed and form. From short distance sprints to cross country marathons, every different type of runner needs a different podcast, so here's a list for you to pick from.


Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner/Facebook

Another Mother Runner has been a longtime favourite or runners, pro and amateur alike, perhaps because no one possesses the same kind of strength or tenacity as mothers. Now well over 350 episodes deep, this weekly podcast explores the path where running and mothering intersects. It's hosted by mother of three and runner of 14 marathons Sarah Bowen Shea, and she'll guide you through every topic you could possibly run into, with guests and tips she's learned along the way.

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Lazy Girl Running

Lazy Girl Running

This podcast is just what it says on the tin. It's for the so-called lazy girls (who can't be that lazy if they're wanting to run) who might just be starting out, or are in need a serious boost to get back in the game. It comes hosted by Laura Fountain, who actually talks to you like your best pal, rather than some running robot, and it's genuinely inspiring. Fountain tells her own story in these episodes — how she went from a PE bunking, lazy miscreant, to a personal trainer and serial marathon runner. It can be done, and she has all the patience for your journey too.

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That Running Podcast

That Running Podcast/Stitcher

If you're just looking for a no nonsense running podcast, with motivation, tips, and interviews with running experts from around the world, then this one is for you. With hardly any frills, That Running Podcast cuts straight to the chase. Your guide will be former Olympian Ross Murray, and his monthly episodes are just what you need if you're simply looking to brush up on your running know-how. It's intended to be listened to while running, so there's some motivating music and words of encouragement mixed in also.

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Katy Says

Katy Says/Stiticher

Taking things down a pretty technical route, biomechanic Katy Bowman started her podcast Katy Says as a way to bring her expertise — specifically how running affects the body — to the masses. Besides just talking about the body while it's running, she'll advise you on the best sleeping and eating practices to ensure that your body's doing the best it can do while it's in fast motion.

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Ali On The Run

Ali On The Run

If you've got a shortage of running buddies then Ali Feller, podcast host of Ali On The Run has got you covered. Finding herself in a bit of a career rut in her early thirties, Feller took to running, and she hasn't looked back since. She's accrued quite a bit of expertise along the way, but she's still taking all the advice she can get from professional athletes and industry leaders who can help guide her, as well as you, through your running journey.

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