The Best Podcasts About Running For Motivation, No-Nonsense Advice & Everything In Between


It's that time of year when it's just sunny enough to lure you out of your house, but not hot enough to make you want to jump right back into a freezing cold bathtub. The flowers are out, the people are out, and plenty of them are jogging. If you're feeling uninspired, or just want to hear about how to take your jogging game up a gear from some experts, then plugging into a podcast will have you covered. Whether you listen while you jog, or just in preparation, here are the best podcasts about running, so that you don't have to chase them up yourself.

Whether your left your jogging days in the school field, or are working tirelessly to beat your personal best, there's a running podcast out there for you to match your skill and ambition. Trying to understand both the physical and mental process involved in running, which a podcast can help do, will make you both appreciate your running time a little better, as well as hopefully improve your speed and form. From short distance sprints to cross country marathons, every different type of runner needs a different podcast, so here's a list for you to pick from.