9 Products That Will Keep Curly Hair Looking On Point All Winter Long

by Lollie King
Originally Published: 
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It's no secret that when it comes to beauty, winter is the antichrist. After the warmer months where all we have to worry about is staying hydrated and using SPF, winter comes crashing in like a ton of bricks. With the cold weather comes wind and rain too, and while you may know to protect skin during this time, it's easy to forget about hair. Hair in general needs extra TLC during the winter months, but curly hair, which is naturally more dry, needs a little extra love. So here are the best products for nourishing curly hair in the winter. Let's banish dryness and frizz ASAP.

Curls and Beauty Diary say that the reason curly hair can be so dry is because of a lack of sebum, "with all the twists, bends and turns, the sebum cannot easily flow down from the scalp to the ends. In straight hair, it would be like going down a slide." Another reason for the dryness in the winter according to curly haircare company Ouidad is using less conditioner which they say can "leave curls vulnerable to breakage and dehydration." In my experience, during the colder months it's imperative to be equipped with an excellent intensely moisturising conditioner and leave in conditioner, and maybe even a couple of oils to keep frizz away. If you abide by all these rules, your coils will be hydrated to perfection. I must confess, I haven't always stuck to them, and years of straightening have left some of my curls limp and dry, so these products will help in undoing years worth of damage. Thank you, curl gods.

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