These Low Key Essentials Are All Under £10 & Available In Your Local Superdrug

by Charlotte Pasha

Trying new make-up and skincare products is a hobby and work perk of mine. But as much as I enjoy perusing (and going broke in) the Selfridges beauty hall, you really can't beat the great British high street when it comes to a bargain that hits the spot — and you really can't beat Superdrug. The best products in Superdrug are long-lasting, sensitive to skin, cheap as chips and look amazing.

OK, I don't mean to sound OTT, but I love the pink plastic bags, the vastness of the stores, the world of opportunity each time you enter. From various types of cotton wool to travel essentials and wallet-and-flutter-friendly mascaras, the iconic store has everything you could possibly want, and at a price point that I can definitely get on board with. That said, I've made a few mistakes, and some things are definitely better than others.

So here, I've filtered out the Superdrug hero products that I've either been repeat buying for years, or are cult favourites with the brand's diehards. It's ahead of the curve with its own-brand vegan products, and spending an hour in the make-up aisle is my idea of a good time. I mean, I have literally popped in for a Diet Coke and tampons in the past, and come out with glitter, patterned tissues, earrings (yes, I know), and an eye shadow palette. #noregrets.

Coming from a Superdug connoisseur, here are the store's top products that I think you should check out now because, well... they're awesome.

Style Freedom Spray

Style Freedom Pure Shine

Honestly, I swear by the products I've just listed above. They're cheap, cheerful and always do the trick. Yas Superdrug.