A Highly-Curated Guide To The Best Sheet Masks On Amazon

Since K-beauty took the world by storm a few years back, sheet masks — the Crown Jewels of Asian beauty innovation — have become a staple in most modern women’s skin care routines. Fast forward to today, and Amazon is overflowing with them. That said, it can be pretty difficult to decipher the so-so formulas from those that could truly be considered among the best sheet masks.

Personally, I love sheet masks. I traveled to Korea just as the K-beauty hysteria started taking off and discovered a whole ridiculously innovative world of them; I never looked back, and my skin couldn’t be more thankful. By now, I think I've tried the majority of the sheet masks on the market — from the pricey SK-II Facial Treatment Masks to the much more affordable single-use sheets you can pick up in K-Town for a dollar a pop.

The point is: I’d like to consider myself something of an authority on sheet masks; I think I know what I’m talking about. So, below, find my picks for the best sheet masks you can buy on Amazon. Some of these brands you may have never heard of, but trust me: there’s an entire universe of incredible facial treatments out there, and unlike me, you don’t have to get on a 23-hour flight to discover them — they’re simply a click away.


The All-Around Champion: This Multi-tasking Sheet Mask From Japan's Most Popular Skin Care Line

Hada Labo is a popular brand from Japan known for their incredibly effective products, and this multi-tasking sheet mask is one of their best. In each box, you'll get four sheets drenched in a serum that comprises hyaluronic acid, collagen, soy peptides, and vitamin E. The formula addresses everything from dry skin and dullness to redness. The best part is, it's safe for all skin types — even sensitive — as it's free of fragrance, parabens, minerals, and dyes. I gifted these to my difficult-to-please grandmother once and she quickly converted to using Hada Labo's entire line (true story). If your skin feels tired, tight, or just generally needs a hydration boost, slap one of these on for a bouncy, radiant-looking complexion — you won't be disappointed.


The Acne-Fighter: This Tea Tree-Based Sheet Mask That Reduces Blemishes And Soothes Inflammation

It's actually pretty hard to find a sheet mask that addresses acne — typically, you'd be better off with a mud- or clay-based formula. But this sheet mask by Ariul Natural is the exception to the rule; packed with tea tree, a known blemish-busting ingredient that's naturally antiseptic, these sheets — which come with seven in a box — soothe inflammation, reduce redness, and fight off bacteria that causes pimples in the first place. Use them once or twice a week for clearer, less congested skin. They're free of parabens and other icky chemicals, too, so even if you have a sensitive complexion, you can use them without any risk of irritation. I always keep a pack around to slap on whenever my skin decides to start acting up, and they're a total savior.


The Cult-Favorite: This Incredibly Nourishing Sheet Mask That's Made From Bird Saliva

I heard so much about these bizarre sheet masks that I had to try one out for myself; A deep dive into the Reddit skin care community will tell you these are most beauty-aficionados' favorites, and I've admittedly become a convert, too. Let me quickly note that sadly, these sheet masks are not vegan; what makes them so unique is that they're actually made of bird saliva, which is harvested by extracting it from their nests. Sounds gross, I know, but Asia's always been ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, and look how mainstream products made of snail secretions have become. But trust me; these things work. Not only will your skin be deeply hydrated, but the formula also balances uneven texture and provides that highly sought-after, pearl-like glow. Your complexion will feel as soft as silk and incredibly soothed; don't be afraid to leave them on longer than the brand suggests.


The Hydrator: This Deeply-Moisturizing Sheet Mask That's Loaded With Hyaluronic Acid

Another stellar innovation from Hada Labo, these sheet masks are based off their cult-favorite hyaluronic acid lotion, which is one of Japan's most popular skin care products. Loaded with hyaluronic acid — the holy grail of moisturizing ingredients — this gentle formula plumps and hydrates skin without the use of any risky chemicals or fragrances. You'll definitely want to pack these for travel, or keep one in your fridge for an especially refreshing, post-hangover treat; your parched skin will thank you. Keep in mind, there is a newer version of the mask available on Amazon, which you can find here, but as I'm unsure as to whether they've adjusted the formula, I wanted to include the original version that I've actually tried.


The Skin-Soother: This Kale- And Coconut-Based Sheet Mask Made From Farm-Fresh, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Farmacy is a relatively new brand, but they're one to watch; Since their launch a couple of years ago, they've come out with an incredible range of all-natural products (that are made with ingredients from their farm in upstate New York!), many of which have already reached cult-status. Their sheet masks are some of my favorites I've ever tried, as they seem to fit my face better and are made of bio-cellulose gel rather than cotton. Plus, their formulas are loaded with smart, locally-grown ingredients that are based off science. This soothing mask uses kale and coconut to balance and calm inflamed, irritated, or generally stressed-out skin while still providing a healthy dose of hydration. You'll also want to keep these in the fridge — the cold gel feels incredible, and it'll help keep the farm-fresh ingredients preserved — and the compact packaging, which is sustainable, by the way, make them perfect for travel.


The Sensitive Skin Savior: This Luxurious, Anti-Inflammatory Sheet Mask That's A Treat For Delicate Complexions

This is the most expensive product on this list, because it only comes with one mask (you can opt for the four-pack, which'll set you back $60), but it's an incredibly luxurious treat for sensitive complexions, which deserve spending a little extra money on since you want to be safe. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalate, and other funky chemicals, this soothing gel mask is full of anti-inflammatory active ingredients that calm delicate or troubled skin. Texture and skin tone will also be refined, and it's hydrating too. Plus, since this one's made of hydrogel, it stays onto your skin better than cotton, which tends to slip off easily. The packaging is really elegant, also, so I love to give masks like these as gifts. Great for people with rosacea who are typically unable to reap the benefits of sheet masks.


The Multi-Tasker: This Snail Essence-Based Mask That Repairs, Restores, And Revitalizes

What kind of sheet mask roundup would this be if I didn't include one made of snail secretions? This 10-pack from Naruko, another great Japanese brand, comprises thin, translucent sheets soaked in a snail mucin-based formula that's hydrating, repairing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory (thanks to the addition of aloe and oats). If you've tried snail essence products before, you'll know it's quite the multi-tasking ingredient: some people swear by it for controlling their acne, and it's also great for evening out skin tone and fading scars or discoloration. You'll also know that these products tend to be a bit sticky, something to keep in mind if you're texture-sensitive. If you know you love what snail essence does to your skin, however — or if you've always been curious to try it — this is the mask to buy.


The Skin-Firmer: This Plumping Collagen Mask That Prepares A Perfect Canvas

If you're looking for a lifting and firming effect, this collagen mask from My Beauty Diary — one of the best purveyors of sheet masks, in my opinion — will plump up your skin and restore its elasticity. It's gentle, soothing, and hydrating, so you can use it even if your skin's on the sensitive side, and it comes absolutely drenched in serum which you can save to use at a later time (I like to rub the remnants all over my chest and décolletage, but to each his own). If you have an event and are looking for an instant glow, this is the mask to use. It leaves your skin soft and supple, too, so it's great for preparing a smooth canvas for makeup application.

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