The Best Tweets About The Total Solar Eclipse Are Honestly Lit

Handout / Handout // Getty Images News

Forget solar power. If we could figure out a way to generate energy from comedy, the best solar eclipse tweets could power the entire continent. While thousands of Americans turned out for the eclipse in person on Aug. 21, they were also taking to the Internet to complain about the insane traffic — er, mark the occasion. Whether you bought your eclipse glasses months ago or you want to strangle the next person who utters the word "totality" in your presence, someone on Twitter feels the exact same way.

If, by some happenstance, you are an actual newborn baby and this is the first time you've heard about the eclipse, here's the rundown. On Monday, Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse raced from the west to east coast of the United States. Other total solar eclipses, including one in 1979, have taken place over the continental United States before, but this is the first time in nearly a century that the path of totality has stretched across the entire country.

Anticipation has been high, to put it mildly. As always, people turned to Twitter to express their many, many feelings about the big event when the time finally came. Without further ado, please enjoy this sampling of the finest eclipse tweets.

Defining The Apocalypse

I feel like I understand astronomy so much better now.

No, Paris

Please remember that if you look at the sun during the eclipse without solar glasses, you might wind up with crescents burned into the back of your eyeballs. Just saying.

Casual Reminder

At least your Halloween costume would be easy.

Very Important Question

Answer: The sun can "literally burn your retina."

Welcome To Blackout Day

Somebody get the moon a cup of coffee.


Totality. Totality. Totali — sorry.

One Last Reminder To Wear Protection

I promise that's the last one. My point has been made.

We're All In Traffic Together

My thoughts are with anyone driving in the path of totality today.

Solar Photobomb

The moon thinks it's so hilarious. Photobombs were over two years ago.

Enter The Eclipse Puns

Sometimes wordplay is so groan-worthy it's almost clever.

A Culinary Travesty

Peas? Guacamole? This eclipse came around just in time.

Astronomical Humor Never Gets Old

Prepare for dozens of solar puns in your Instagram feed today.

The Picture Of Preparedness

This is a man who won't take "no, don't stare at the sun" for an answer.

A Dramatization

The moon is being a little rude, to be honest.

Everyday Activities

If only Don Draper were around to use his withering gaze to keep us from staring at the sun today.

Moon Pies Have Their Moment

Really, Hostess? You think anything but the Moon Pie is worthy of being an official eclipse cookie?

Check Out That Hot Solar Action

What's a little retinal damage in the grand scheme of things?

Accurate Depiction

Let's just hope the moon and sun don't proceed to wrestle.

Spoiler Alert

She does WHAT?

When You Try & Don't Succeed

This whole procrastination thing isn't working out as well as one would have hoped.

And Now For Something Depressing...

In 2017, the world is decidedly not at peace — but there's always next time. See you in 2024.