10 Of The Best SPFs For Dark Skin That You Can Bag In The UK


When it comes to Black skincare, the emphasis is heavy on staying moisturised. At. All. Times. It has been long drummed into my head by my mother and grandmothers that leaving the home without a heavy slick of lotion would bring shame on the family. Yet while being "ashy" is often considered a cardinal sin, there's less of a concern about keeping Black skin protected from sun exposure. As the UK prepares for a serious heatwave over the coming days, it's high time we bury and forget that common myth that Black people do not need sunscreen. But what are the best suncreens for Black women in the UK market?

Glad you asked. There's a few. Over the last few years, the skincare market has been improving its suncream recipes to suit Black skin. Traditional suncreams often leave thick, grey streaks on darker skin tones that leave you looking less than glowy. I could show you some horrifying pictures. And that's only if I wore SPF in the first place. While the increased melanin in Black skin does offer some protection from harmful UV and UVB rays, it is not a miracle worker. From reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, burns and preventing skin cancers, wearing SPF on a daily basis is an absolute necessity, whether you are going outside or staying indoors. With that – and the heatwave in mind – here are 10 sunscreens to buy in the UK that won't leave grey marks on Black skin.