13 #ThingsDoneByMistake Tweets That Are Real AF

Few folks make it through life without becoming acquainted with that hot, prickly feeling of embarrassment which springs from the pit of your stomach and creeps across your entire body. So to celebrate all things awkward AF, Twitter users are opening up about their embarrassing moments in relationships, at work, and on the internet with the trending hashtag #ThingsDoneByMistake.

According to a study by UC Berkeley, those who are more frequently embarrassed are actually more trustworthy. Although the feeling can be intensely uncomfortable, it's apparently a signal that you give a damn. It definitely makes sense, since those who are so cocky as to never experience embarrassment probably can't be as empathetic to others as those who can.

“Embarrassment is one emotional signature of a person to whom you can entrust valuable resources. It’s part of the social glue that fosters trust and cooperation in everyday life,” study co-author and social psychologist Robb Willer said in an interview about the research.

To be fair, though, not everyone is embarrassed when they make a mistake. Some can easily get past it and write it off as an accident or justify it somehow. But, if you're like most humans, the reaction to a public gaffe will fall somewhere between mildly annoyed to wildly embarrassed. Here are just a few of the mistakes Twitter users admit to making:

1. Online Mistakes

2. Friendship Mistakes

3. Romantic Mistakes

4. Relationship Mistakes

5. Workplace Mistakes

6. Silly Mistakes

Yep, we've all been there. Why not laugh about it?