The New Online Dating Question Meme Blowing Up On Twitter Is Relatable AF

Before you move on to more riveting topics like the one food you refuse to eat and the three items you'd bring with you on a deserted island, your online dating profile first asks you to specify one important detail: are you a man or a woman, and what are you looking for? A recent Twitter meme pokes fun at online dating profiles by shaking things up a bit, with tweeters using emojis to create their own questionnaires and opting for things a little more interesting than "man" or "woman" — like "Groot," "Jedi," and "Mother of dragons." You can imagine things got... weird.

If you've never looked to the internet for love, this former online dating enthusiast can confirm that profiles are indeed cliche and ask all the same types of generic questions, in an attempt to better help you find your one true love. This, obviously, hardly ever works — since love goes a little deeper than finding someone who last listened to the same three songs you did and also loves spicy yellowtail sushi.

Apparently, some of the folks of the Twitter world got tired of these snooze-worthy questionnaires and thus decided to come up with more original things to talk about.

1. Justice For Carly Rae Jepsen

2. Spoilers

3. The Fan Girl

4. A Loyal Detroit Fan

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

6. Lyrics To The Greatest Hits

7. Or Mr. Brightside By The Killers

8. Cinnamon Rolls With A Sense Of Humor

9. Name That Movie

10. The Life Of A Bookworm

11. Excuses, Excuses

12. An American Restaurateur

13. The Castlevania Series

14. I Am Khaleesi

15. Breakfast Time

16. You Failed, Your Highness

17. The Jingle No One Ever Forgot

18. I. Am. GROOOOOT!

19. Looking For A Connection

20. Interested In: A Parking Spot

21. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

22. The Longest Nap Ever

23. The Most Famous Fish In Cinema

24. I Don't Belong Here

25. Just For Kicks