5 Comfortable Pairs Of Underwear To Wear On Your Next Hike

There are so many ways underwear can ruin a hike, aren't there? They can ride up, bunch at the waist, become all sweaty, or give you wedgies — and that’s only to name a few of the possible catastrophes. Luckily, owning a pair of the best underwear for hiking can help.

Sure, worrying about underwear may sound trivial but believe me, it will make your day soooo much more pleasant when you can actually hike ten feet without tugging at your rear end. It’s hard to soak in the beauty of a majestic waterfall or focus on the splendor of a panoramic mountain view when your panties are creeping up the side of your butt cheek for two hours straight.

Plus, there’s all the business about heat, sweat, and temperature regulation. Some of us stay cool when we hike and like to have thicker materials while others (*raises hand*) tend to resemble decorative water displays when we exercise, pouring sweat and dripping moisture from every orifice in our bodies.

That’s why fabric technology is so important. Different material blends boast various benefits (like moisture-wicking capabilities and odor-control), resulting in quick-drying panties that are breathable and comfortable. Without further ado, check out some of the best underwear for hiking and workouts below.


Hyper-Breathable Mesh Bikini Briefs For People Who Get Hot When They Hike

If you tend to get hot when you're hiking, these ultra-breathable women's briefs will be the perfect option to help cool you down. Made from a refreshing blend of lyrca, spandex, and nylon, they're woven with permeable mesh to allow air flow and prevent you from overheating. What's more, they feature an antimicrobial treatment to cut down on odor, meaning you can sweat as hard as you want without the scent of perspiration soaking in.

  • Available in sizes XS-XXL


Lightweight, Waistband-Free Hipster Underwear That Won't Create Panty Lines

There's nothing worse than trekking through the wilderness to enjoy the scenery but only being able to focus on how uncomfortable your underwear is. These awesomely snug hipsters will ensure your knickers stay in place and you'll never deal with the dreaded "hiker's wedgie" again. Made with a lightweight bland of nylon and spandex, these underwear feature low-profile fused seams and 360 degree stretch flex. They're so unimposing that you'll barely notice you have them on. Best of all, they don't produce any panty lines, so you can wear your tightest pair of leggings without a care in the world.

  • Available in sizes S-XL


Multi-Sport Boy Shorts That Come In Every Size And Won't Chafe

These boy short-style briefs are fabulous if you're someone who hikes regularly but also does things like biking, running, yoga, or aerobics, as they're made for any active pursuit. Blending fashion with sports performance, they're constructed with a breathable fabric and Quick Dry technology that transports moisture away from your skin to keep you refreshed. The form-fitting material features a soft waistband to prevent them from sliding down or rolling and covered leg bands to reduce shifting. The tag-free design also stops them from chafing while you walk, and they come in six color-combination options and tons of sizes. One note: this model tends to run small, so you may want to order a size up.

  • Available in sizes XS-4XL


Ultra-Comfortable, Silky Soft Microfiber Panties That Were Created With Sports And Exercise In Mind

You've never felt a softer, cozier pair of underwear than these silky smooth mid-rise briefs. Constructed with a mix of almost 100 percent nylon with a splash of spandex thrown in to give them stretchiness, the elastane panties feel like heaven when you slide them on. Yet on top of comfort, they also offer performance qualities for hiking and other types of exercise: a soft, tagless waistband, breathable fabric, and an ultra-lightweight microfiber fit. Like others on the list, these tend to run small, so select a size up.

  • Available in sizes S-3XL


An Awesome Budget Option That Ticks All The Boxes For An Amazing Value

If you want some underwear you can hike in but don't want to blow half your paycheck on fancy fabrics and materials, these Amazon Essentials' bikini panties are a fantastic bargain. They come in a six-pack for just $12, making them a mere $2 per pair, and yet the quality is still outstanding. They feature mostly cotton with a bit of elastane, making them flexible and comfy as you move around. The bikini style fits great without riding up and manages to look cute, too. "The cotton is so soft and breathable and [they] are so comfortable," said one Amazon customer. "They fit exactly as expected and stay in place. No wedgies!"

  • Available in sizes XS-XXL

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