These Affordable Undies Will Keep You Dry & Comfortable When You're Working Out

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When you’re working out, the wrong pair of underwear can cause chafing, rubbing, and general discomfort in all of the worst places. The best underwear for working out is made from stretchy, moisture-wicking materials like nylon and polyester, and it has minimal to no seams. This will ensure you stay dry, comfortable, and able to move with ease.

Real talk — different people prefer different cuts of underwear, whether or not they're working out. Some people like how a thong feels, while others appreciate more coverage. However, workout enthusiasts will tell you that certain cuts work better in different situations. If you’re worried about your underwear bunching up under your leggings during a yoga sesh, your best bet might be a barely-there thong. Or if you’re sick of your undies rolling down during an intense workout, a high-waisted pair might be the solution you need. In general, you want to go with a pair of undies that are snug (so they stay in place), but not so tight that they dig into your skin.

These five packs of undies are perfect for workouts, boasting the stamp of approval from thousands of workout enthusiasts on Amazon.

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A Pack Of Lightweight And Breathable Hipster Panties

These breathable hipster panties from Reebok are a great choice for all forms of physical activity, from hiking to dance class, since the nylon and spandex blend makes them ultra-stretchy and moisture-wicking. The hipster cut covers the hips and thighs, so they won’t easily ride up. The undies are seamless, lightweight, and tag-free, too.

Amazon reviewers are beyond impressed with this pick; they give the underwear an impressive 4.6-star rating among 1,900 reviews and growing reviews, championing this pick specifically for its supreme comfiness.

These panties come in packs of five and in a range of color options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I bought these to use for hiking and during workouts. They wick away moisture and dry super quick. They stay in their place no matter what I am doing. They are also the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. They are now my everyday panties as well!"

  • Available Sizes: Small to X-Large


A Pack Of Smooth Thong Undies

With more than 2,100 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.5-star rating overall, this six-pack of thong panties from Kalon are clearly favorites on the site. And it makes sense that people are into them; the thongs are smooth, soft, and stretchy. These undies are the ideal choice for activities that require you to be up and moving since let’s be real… bunched-up panties are no fun.

The underwear is made from a blend of nylon and spandex. This pick has no side seams, but does have a ribbed upper band that prevents the underwear from rolling down. Bonus points: you’ll have no visible panty lines with these undies.

Choose from a bunch of color options, like a pack of neutral tan-colored pairs, or bright and colorful ones, too.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These are my life! [...] Unlike the panties I paid a fortune for, these thongs don't rip, and they don't stretch out either! Ive worn them during high impact workouts, and they've held up through multiple washes and dryer cycles. These thongs are so soft, and they hold their shape very well, and don't dig at all. They are completely invisible under my yoga pants, and leggings."

  • Available Sizes: X-Small to XX-Large


A Pack Of Bikini Undies That Are Ultra Stretchy

These Balanced Tech bikini panties have everything you want in a good pair of workout underwear. Made of a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane, the underwear is moisture-wicking to keep you feeling fresh and dry. And since these undies are also super stretchy, they're a great option for workouts that require a lot of intense movement, such as HIIT, since you’ll be able to move freely.

The bikini panties offer full booty coverage, a no seam design, and tag-free labeling, too. Choose from six-packs in a variety of colors; some are neutrals and some are bright.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "It's odd to be excited by your underwear, yet here I am. I walked, ran, hiked, and cleaned my house all day in these... In 90+ degree heat with sweltering humidity. No swamp ass. None. No funky stank. None. I'm active and I SWEAT. I can't believe how well this wicks moisture and keeps me dry and comfortable during the most arduous workouts. Cannot recommend more highly!"

  • Available Sizes: X-Small to X-Large


A Pack Of High-Waisted Briefs That Won’t Roll Down

Panties that roll down during workouts are the worst, but these high-waisted briefs from Fall Sweet can solve that dilemma. Made of nylon and spandex, the undies are designed to stay in place, while still being totally comfortable, too. This pick is especially great for workouts where you are doing a lot of up and down movements, like squats, but they’ll work for all types of exercise.

The panties are seamless and offer full bottom coverage. Choose from a couple of different sets of colors.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "SERIOUSLY THE BEST PANTIES ON THE PLANET! Unmatched comfort - no sliding or rolling down. Breathability - so your lady bits don't feel trapped. No panty lines or wedgies [...] Perfect for running, hiking & playing softball....I'd assume most other sports/physical activities as well."

  • Available Sizes: Small to XX-Large


A Pack Of Boyshorts For Full Coverage

If you’re looking for a full-coverage panty, these Kalon boyshorts are where it’s at. The undies are made of the perfect blend of nylon and spandex, making them both soft and stretchy. No side seams mean no chaffing or uncomfortable rubbing.

If you use workout machines that you sit on (like a stationary bike), you may enjoy the little extra padding and coverage these undies provide. But they’ll totally work for all forms of exercise, so long as you enjoy this cut of panties.

Choose from a range of color options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Finally, an underwear that I love! I bought these to wear under my mountain biking shorts but find myself wanting to wear them for normal use. The seam placement is perfect to avoid pressure on my lady parts during cycling, and the synthetic material helps with moisture control. With other boyshorts I've had, there was an issue with the dreaded camel toe. Not so with this paneling design! Plus the material is smooth and comfortable against the skin."

  • Available Sizes: Small to X-Large