The Best Underwear To Buy At Supermarkets, Because It's Time For A Summer Update


Underwear can be expensive, whether you're buying a bog standard bra and knickers or a fancier lingerie set. The price of a full underwear drawer adds up pretty quickly too, seeing as you have to have quite a few of everything. But have you ever thought to look to supermarkets for your everyday essentials and prettier pieces? If not, you really are missing out on the ranges that Sainsbury's Tu, Tesco's F&F, and Asda's George have to offer. Keep reading for the best underwear to pick up from your local supermarket, pronto.

If you're a person with a bigger bust, supermarkets are, in actual fact, one of the best places to go to. As the Mirror reports, the average UK cup size is now a 36DD. (In the '50s, it was a 34B.) Sainsbury's has a range specifically designed for people who need DD+ bras (and it even includes more luxurious pieces like bodysuits) while both Tesco's and Asda's sizes go beyond a D in most cases.

There are plenty of neutral pieces intended to be hidden away under T-shirts and the like, but there are also numerous striking designs that deserve pride of place in your underwear drawer. From lacy bralettes that double up as tops to stand-out neon hues, here's the ultimate supermarket underwear rundown.