The Best Vacuum Cleaners At Walmart For Dust, Pollen, Pet Hair, And More

Young asian woman use wireless vacuum cleaner to clean
By Jessie Quinn

There’s something so satisfying about vacuuming. And it’s not just the fact that all the crumbs and pet hair have been sucked into a tiny black hole inside your machine. It’s the clean lines in the carpet and the potent musky smell that wafts through the room every time you power on your appliance. It’s the feeling of accomplishment after you’ve scrubbed and swiped every crevice of your space. It’s you, plopped down on your couch with a glass of wine in a clean home.

What’s not satisfying about vacuuming is buying the vacuum itself. With so many different designs and features to choose from, the decision fatigue is real. When on the hunt for the best vacuum cleaner for your home, there are two things to look for: Top-rated models from customers and how each one fits our lives. From the best vacuums for pet owners to vacuums that moonlight as hand-held dirt suckers, we’ve compiled a list of must-have vacuums from, ahead.

A Vacuum That Saves Homeless Pets

A Vacuum for Floor-to-Ceiling Deep Cleaning

A Vacuum That Combats Allergies

The Transformer of Vacuums

A Vacuum for Pet Owners

A Compact Vacuum for Heavy Cleanups

A Vacuum that Won’t Scuff Your Furniture

A Vacuum That Works Indoors and Outdoors

The Instagram-Worthy Vacuum

This Ultra-Lightweight Stick Vacuum

A Vacuum for Under Furniture Clean-Ups

A Vacuum for People Who Hate Vacuuming

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