These Are The One Type Of Socks To Rule Them All

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A great pair of socks is one of life's greatest, simplest pleasures. And putting on a pair of what you think are a great pair of socks — until you realize they make your feet sweaty and itchy, or fall down repeatedly — is one of life's most annoying little inconveniences. Fortunately, modern innovations have brought us merino wool — "regular" wool's finer, softer counterpart that has all of the same thermal properties, minus the drawbacks. If you don't already own any, you'll want to invest in (at least) one pair of the best merino socks for women. Not only will your feet thank you, but due to their long-lasting durability, so will your wallet.

If you're reading this article, you've probably heard a lot about merino wool — or maybe you're already obsessed with it. But besides being ultra-warm in a still-comfortable way, what is it that makes this fabric so freaking amazing? Well, first of all, the fibers in merino wool are finer and more flexible than "regular" wool, so when they brush again your skin, it won’t send you into an itching fit. Merino wool is also more breathable and better at regulating temperature. That's because its fibers are capable of trapping moisture molecules in the weave and evaporating them according to your body’s needs. When your feet are cold, for example, it holds onto the moisture and keeps your feet dry so the dampness won't cool you down. When you get hot, the moisture evaporates, cooling you off in the process. On top of that, the fabric is stronger and more durable, so your socks will last longer without getting holes in the heels or toes.

But the other great, lesser-known thing about merino wool is that, due to its ability to quickly evaporate sweat, bacteria has a harder time surviving (because it needs moisture to live). That means the fabric is naturally odor-resistant and less prone to making your feet stink. So, yeah... this is what makes merino wool socks pretty much the best option out there — whether you live somewhere warm or cold.

Given all of these wonderful advantages, here is a list of the best wool socks for women made with merino blends.


The Best Socks For People With Sweaty Feet

If you're someone whose feet start sweating before you even lace up your shoes, these awesomely lightweight socks will feel amazing on your feet. Although they're technically considered sock liners, they're the perfect choice to wear alone on days when it's too hot for regular socks. Yet on colder days, you can still wear them as liners underneath to wick moisture and sweat. They're made from a special fabric called Coolmax, which blends merino wool with nylon, lycra, and Endurofil, giving you the benefits of merino wool without being thick and bulky. With a four-channel design, they pull moisture from your your skin, transporting it to the outer layer of where it can quickly evaporate. The fabric is exceptionally soft and the lyrca keeps them stretchy and comfortable. These particular socks come in a two pack.


The Best Socks For Feet That Get Cold Easily

Whether it's the middle of winter and you need extra warmth or you simply have feet that get cold easily, these thermal socks are meant to keep your feet toasty and warm. On top of their cozy, heavyweight merino wool blend, the socks feature a clever pocket on the toebox that holds disposable toe warmers. Slide one of the heated packets inside and it will provide extra warmth for about 6 hours. The socks come with two warming packets and the replacements cost roughy $10 for an eight pack. "These socks are amazing!" said one Amazon customer. "They go up to the knee and are soft and cushy. I wore them around the lodge in Alaska (which was -18 degrees outside) and they stayed warm and dry." Just one word of caution: several reviewers said the warmers make the toe area slightly bulky, so you won't be able to wear these socks with small or super tight-fitting shoes.


The Best Ankle Socks

For folks who prefer a sleek, no-show style option, these merino wool ankle socks are a fantastic choice. The 80 percent merino blend keeps the socks soft and comfy while also providing anti-microbial properties to reduce odor. They have a mesh top with a cushioned heel that's super comfortable, offering plenty of support while ensuring they don't slide down or bunch up at your heel. The seamless toe construction means less blistering, and the elastane adds stretchiness and comfort. "These are the BEST socks around!" said one enthusiastic Amazon user. "If I could afford 10 pairs of them, I'd wear nothing else."


The Best Crew-Length Socks (That Won't Slide Down Your Leg)

There's nothing worse than spending the whole day pulling your socks up after they've slipped halfway down your calf and into the bottom of your shoe. Appropriately named, these FITS socks are designed to prevent sliding and stay in place with their patented Full Contact Fit. The technology keeps the sock firmly at your calf without feeling tight or restrictive, and the synthetic fabric is a blend of merino wool, nylon, and lycra that offers softness and flexibility. The versatile sock is designed for hikers who spend days walking through the wilderness, which means that if you're simply trekking around the city, you'll have more than enough cushioning, moisture management, and blister resistance to keep you comfy all day long. They come in a ton of color combinations and have incredible reviews — in fact, they almost have a perfect Amazon rating, which is no easy feat.


The Best Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks make great accessories and also allow you to wear skirts on chillier days without having to go into full-on stocking mode. These high-tech synthetic socks are the perfect blend of fashion and performance features. They're made with lightweight, fine-gauge merino wool that feels soft against your skin and come in seven color choices. This makes them great around-town socks that are stylish and not too bulky. Yet they also have things like moisture-wicking technology, odor management, and a seamless, anti-blister design that make them a superb choice for things like hiking, skiing, and running. "I can't say enough good stuff about these socks," said one please Amazon customer. "They are so comfortable — soft and cushy — but thin enough to wear with street shoes. And they stay up!"

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