This Is The Workout That Will Boost Your Mood The Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Working out can be a great way to boost your mood — after all, in the immortal words of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, "exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." Of course, endorphins have other benefits than, you know, not murdering, but you get what I mean. Whenever you're trying to settle on a workout to start your quest for more endorphins, though, you might find there are almost too many workout options, and struggle to figure out where to start. In cases like this, I always recommend looking to the stars for some guidance; and thankfully, finding a workout to boost your mood based on your zodiac sign is totally possible.

Your sign says a lot about you: For instance, a Gemini might find themselves snoozing during spin class, but an independent Aquarius might thrive on a bike. One thing the entire zodiac can agree upon is the necessity of wellness. All signs have a house of health and wellness, aka the Sixth House. According to, the Sixth House of every sign is "essential to the work we do in life is the work we do on our self. Duty, responsibility and personal growth all contribute to the creation of a fully-realized being." You might read health advice in your horoscope regularly, depending on how the stars and planets align. Astrologers might suggest a brisk walk or joining a trending workout class just to be social or advise against doing anything too strenuous when Mercury is retrograde. But it's always all about how it will make you feel, and lift your mood.

Whether you're rolling out the yoga mat or throwing punches, there is a workout in your stars.


Aries, the first sign and therefore the leader of the zodiac, doesn't cower easily at a challenge. When the Ram needs to take their #mood from blues to boss, look no further than your nearest Crossfit gym. The constantly changing workout will activate endorphins, and any Aries will be finding their mood a whole lot mightier.


The glamorously inclined Taurus has no shortage of the most fashionable athleisure wear stocked in their closet — and there's no better workout class to don it than at Barre. The Taurus will feel refreshed and ever so elegant afterwards.


Nothing bores a Gemini more than a monotonous workout routine. Which is why boxing is the Twins' best bet. The strategic sport will have Gems on their toes, literally (you've seen the movies). And nothing is a better mood booster than conquering a puzzle.


There is a time and place for a Cancer to crawl out of their comfort zone, but working out doesn't have to be one of them. For the homey Cancer who cherishes a familiar and sacred space over a crowded gym class, the Jane Fonda Workout is one you can do in your living room. Wake up, slip into spandex and start the day off in a good mood — no matter what side of the bed you woke up on.


The Lion of the zodiac likes the spotlight, and pilates is a great way to cater to a Leo's needs. Whether mat or machine, this workout is typically held in smaller class sizes or privately, and that's attention Leo can appreciate.


Virgos are always thinking 10 steps ahead. And so to keep their mind organized — and therefore, to keep them happy — there's nothing like a simple yet swift walk for a Virgo. It might not ~feel~ like a heart-racing cardio workout, but it is activity, and it will help the great organizer of the zodiac get their thoughts in order.


The balanced and harmonious Libra might find much bliss in Tai Chi — a gentle martial arts exercise that's all about mindfulness.


Rock climbing is for the passionate, which is exactly a trait that best describes Scorpio, followed by their ability to focus on anything they want. Next time your Scorpio attitude needs to be elevated, try to literally elevate yourself and give rock climbing a try!


The adventurous Sagittarius appreciates anything that keeps them moving. Sure, hiking provides incline but there are also those inspiring views. Getting outdoors and connecting with the nature around you is the perfect way for a Sagittarius to lift their spirits.


Capricorns work around the clock. Even once you're clocked out, your mind is racing with more ideas and ways to expand current opportunities. But all this mind cardio needs balance to keep the Capricorn's mood boosted. Yoga — whether it's Kundalini or Restorative — could be the perfect workout to help you de-stress before implementing your genius ideas at work the next day.


The independent Aquarius likes to see and understand the world. A workout that can take this Air sign beyond the walls of a workout class is cycling. Getting out in the fresh air and moving across borders has the potential to be exactly what an Aquarius needs to boost their mood.


What's a better workout for the Fish of the zodiac than swimming? The imaginative Pisces just might feel centered and calm floating in a body of water. Swimming can be excellent cardio as well as an excellent way to have your mood be literally and figuratively refreshed. Dive in, Pisces!