What Would You Want Written On Your Tombstone?

Life is short, so we're understandably obsessed with the legacy we'll leave behind. Whether your wish is to be buried snugly in a casket amidst your family mausoleum or have your ashes scattered to the four winds, you probably know what you want said about you post-death. And with the trending hashtag #WrittenOnMyTombstone, Twitter users are revealing the silly and serious sayings they'd want emblazoned on their final resting place.

Death has much to teach us. More and more cultural organizations and practices are looking to death to inform how we go about celebrating and living life. For example, The Order of the Good Death is "a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality." They offer information and support with the goal of making the world a more death positive place. There's also death meditation, a way to counter your fears of the great hereafter and interrogate what issues you're not facing that you might want to — or what goals you'd love to fulfill but are afraid to.

Like life, death can be what you want it to be. And although we may not have control over where or when we die, we can at least decide what we want on our tombstones. Here are five kinds of tombstones Twitter users say they'd want:

1. The Sexy Tombstone

2. The Blunt Tombstone

3. The Sweet Tombstone

4. The Silly Tombstone

5. The Mystical Tombstone