The Beyonce Restaurant Meme Has Arrived

by Alexis Paige Williams
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She sings about being a "bootylicious" "diva" with a "big ego." And now, thanks to a simple snapshot at a restaurant, Beyoncé ordering dinner has turned into a hilarious meme. The seemingly unassuming photo of Bey pointing to a menu has set social media ablaze with ideas of how the supreme Sasha Fierce may have placed an order last week. Does she secretly prefer iced tea to lemonade? Was she ready for this jelly?

People magazine reports Mrs. Knowles-Carter attended an ultra-private, star-studded birthday dinner for Roc Nation Senior Vice President Lenny Santiago at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles, C.A. on Wednesday, April 19. What started out as yet another glamorous night for the future mother of three modeling a $395 Halston Heritage maternity gown morphed into the dinner order that broke the internet. Sorry Santiago, but you knew the spotlight would instantly be on Beyoncé from the moment she stepped in the door.

From fans thinking they know Queen Bey's pregnancy cravings to the others thinking the 33-year-old is actually footing the bill, the Beyoncé meme creativity is endless and hysterical. Take a look at some of the most knee-slapping photos that will literally make you LOL.

Sasha Fierce Only Wants Soul Food

The Hollywood in her probably wanted the vegan ice water. The rest is true-blue "Texas bama!"

Blue Is Big Enough To Pay For Herself

Two more babies are on the way, boo boo. Money is tight.

No One Overcharges Queen Bey

"Hold up" they won't tip you, like I'll tip you.

Lemonade Is Always On The Menu

You better recognize.

Autocorrect Failure Is Never An Excuse

And "I ain't sorry" for correcting you either.

Water Over Soda Is Always A Safe Bet

I'm on a budget.

OK Finances Now Let's Get In Formation

'Cause I pay!

I Don't Think You're Ready For This

It's a good point.

I can only imagine the memes that will bless social media once the twins arrive.