The Biggest Questions Searched On Google In 2016

by Kiersten Hickman

It's almost guaranteed that when you have a question, Google has an answer. Wondering how to cook chicken? Can't figure out how to get to that restaurant? Need updates on the incoming hurricane? Google has your back. What is most interesting, however, is taking a peek at the biggest questions people searched on Google during 2016 — a list Google released in Dec. 2016 — and getting the inside scoop on what people are really dying to know.

Of course, asking questions is never a bad thing. In fact, professors, employers, and other type of educators encourage questions. Questions lead to better understanding, and are even quite humbling for the asker — I'm sure you've heard the phrase "there's no such thing as a dumb question." However, even asking the dumb questions can be embarrassing... which is why Google is the perfect tool. It will never judge you for asking.

Well, until the top questions of the year come out. Some of them are great searches — such as wanting to know more about the election, the news, and even how many ounces you're allowed to carry on a plane. Others, however, are just too good to not point out. I decided to dub these questions with superlatives, giving each one a crown for being amusing in their own way.

The Most Questions


Looks like people just needed to learn how to catch 'em all this year. PokemonGO takes the cake for the most asked questions on Google this year — top questions including "how to play PokemonGO," "how to battle in PokemonGO," "how to catch in PokemonGO," and of course... "what is PokemonGO?"

The "You Seriously Searched That"?

"Why does my dog lick me?"

When I finished laughing for a whole five minutes after reading this on the top dog questions, I did the search myself. No shame.

The Most Curious

"How to make slime?"

Maybe it's the generation of '90s kids who grew up watching Slimed! on Nickelodeon who finally want their slime fix...but that's kind of a slim crowd. I'm at a loss, and really curious to why people want to make slime.

The Most Comforting

“Where do I vote?”

After seeing so many public figures speak out on the importance of voting in this election, it’s comforting seeing this question as the top election-related search from 2016. Even if the election results were,well, devastating…it’s still super comforting to see that people really did take an effort to look up where to vote (and, I hope, actually act upon their searches).

The Most Upsetting

"How to appear funny?"

This makes me feel a bit sad for our generation of people who feel the need to Google how to have a sense of humor. Guys, be yourself! Who cares what the haters think — I am so sure you are way cooler being you instead of Googling a "better" you.

The Most Ridiculous

"How to move to Canada"

OK, I get it, moving to Canada has been a joke for a while throughout the election. But I'm actually surprised how many people Googled this during 2016, and how serious people are about it.

The Heartbreaking

"What is Aleppo?"

The tragedy of Aleppo was heartbreaking, and continues to be so, but I'm comforted by the fact that people are reading the news and caring about what's going on in the world — enough to go on Google and ask questions in order to understand it even more.

The "Wait, I'm Actually Curious About This One"

"Where is Corfu?"

There's a whole list of travel questions, such as "what to do in San Francisco" and "where is the Grand Canyon" that seem simple and generic. But the most curious, and I couldn't help but ask the question myself, is where the heck Corfu is. Turns out Corfu is an island in Greece that Condé Nast Traveler featured in April.

The Most Surprising

No Gilmore Girls questions

Gilmore Girls ended up not making the list for top TV show searches — which, I have to admit, is extremely surprising based on how viral Gilmore Girls went throughout the year. Plus, with the way the revival ended, who wouldn't be on Google trying to see what other theories are on this iconic revival? So, so strange.

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