Yes, You Can Visit The 'Bird Box' House — Just Don't Forget To Bring Your Own Blind Fold


If you have a Netflix account, odds are you might have already seen one of the most talked about movies from the holiday season, Bird Box. It's so popular that people are actually visiting the Bird Box house from the movie, according to People. Not only have fans found the address, some even paid the home a visit on Christmas Day. Of course, the film is a far cry from being a feel-good movie, but it has people making all sorts of hilarious Bird Box memes that keep the film fresh on everyone's minds. With people finding the house, it's bringing the horror movie to all new levels of realness. Spoilers ahead.

According to an interview from TMZ, the owner of the main house used in Bird Box said that since the Dec. 14 release date for the film, fans have been coming to the house to take pictures. Their home was used for the exterior shots of the movie, and is located in Monrovia, CA, a suburb 20 miles Northeast of L.A. The owner told TMZ that "a handful of visitors have been showing up to take photos at the house every day — including Christmas Day." But luckily, it sounds like it's been a pretty pleasant experience for the homeowner, because she reports that everyone has been polite so far, with some even asking for permission to take photos of her property. ABC also reported people coming with blindfolds of their own for their photos.

In the movie, during the initial chaos that breaks out, a pregnant Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is left to climb from the rubble of her sister Jessica's crashed car. She finds herself being pushed by a running, crazed crowd, which forces her to the ground. A neighbor calls out to her to come inside where it's safe — and the entire scene plays out in front of the Monrovia house.

TMZ reported that while the owner was reportedly paid $12,000 for her house to appear in the movie, she has yet to see the film. And it doesn't sound like she has any plans to soon, because she doesn't even have a Netflix account, according to the outlet. Of course to each their own, but she might be one of just a handful of people who have yet to see Bird Box. Thanks to all of the memes and constant chatter surrounding the movie, it's become one of the most successful Netflix original films to date. The official Netflix Twitter account tweeted, "Took off my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!" (Although, it should be noted that Netflix doesn't disclose how many of those people finished the film.)

While there will always be memes, Bird Box also spurred some fans to do the Bird Box Challenge, which Netflix urged people not to do since it's, you know, silly and dangerous. Also, according the the Bird Box official Instagram, there's a bus tour experience where fans can safely go through the events of the movie, blindfolds and birds aplenty. With all of these real-life components to Bird Box, it doesn't seem like hype for the film is going anywhere anytime soon.