The UK's Fave Beauty Brand For 2019 Is A Staple Of Every High Street

Kirsty O'Connor - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

It's more than fair to say that these days, our choice of beauty brands is incredibly wide and varied. From new celebrity-backed and modern Instagram-famous brands to classics that have been around for decades, the beauty industry has never been more saturated. And while this is great for choice, it sometimes can seem a little overwhelming. This is when going back to old favourites can be really comforting, and a recent report has revealed that The Body Shop is the UK's favourite beauty brand of 2019, proving we still love the classics just as much as the hip newbies.

Research by new beauty discovery site Cosmetify has revealed the favourite beauty brand of the UK is in fact the trusty Body Shop. The website took five key factors into consideration when conducting its report, including overall brand searches per month, the brand’s engagement rate on social media, and the increases in consumer interest on Google. From these, it was determined that The Body Shop is the favourite brand of the UK’s, as well as Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia’s.

Outside of the UK, the chosen brands across the globe varied widely, with some expected (The U.S., for example, picked Glossier), while others were a little less predictable (Costa Rica and Iceland both had Kyle Cosmetics as their favourite). You can check out the full research at Cosmetify's website, which also reveals the top three most influential figures in beauty right now, the brands which are most searched for for specific makeup products, and the brands with the biggest and most loyal social followings.

In the mean time, let's chat all things The Body Shop. The brand has been around for over 40 years, and has been committed to ethical, sustainable beauty since its creation. They are also famous for being vehemently against any form of animal testing.

If you need a reminder of what to pick up at the beloved store, I have picked out some of my ultimate faves: