'The Walking Dead' Is About To Get Rocked By This Explosive Event From The Comics

Gene Page/AMC

Fan favorite survivors may not be the only ones to perish in the Dec. 10 Walking Dead midseason finale. A major event from the comics is waiting in the wings, and will certainly shake up the AMC series. The bombing of Alexandria on The Walking Dead seems imminent and likely to happen in the Season 8 midseason finale, so here's how it went down in the source material.

This catastrophic event took place in Issue 120 of Robert Kirkman's comic series, part of the "All Out War" arc — it actually concludes Volume One, so that fits the timeline perfectly for a midseason finale. Spoilers for the comics! In the comics, the "bombing" starts with Negan throwing grenades over the wall into the Safe-Zone, and by the end of the issue pretty much the entire community has gone up in flames.

According to an exclusive sneak peek of Season 8, Episode 8 courtesy Entertainment Weekly, Rosita brings back some non-lethal grenades from an abandoned Savior warehouse. They plan to use them to redirect the herd when Negan surrenders and the fighting is over. While the scene is a light and comic moment between the two survivors, it is likely foreshadowing the way that Negan and the Saviors will wreak havok on their community. If the stun grenades and airhorns were left behind, there's probably a reason. The good stuff may already be in the enemy's hands.

Gene Page/AMC

This event in the comics marks several important moments for key characters as well. Heath, who got separated from Tara on the television show and hasn't been seen since, loses an arm in the bombing. Denise, who was on the receiving (and pointy) end of Abraham's comic book death by arrow on the show, is killed in the blasts. King Ezekiel, who in the comics has a potential romantic relationship with Michonne rather than Carol, suggests that the two run off together with the bombs as cover. He becomes depressed in the aftermath of the bombing, which has already started on the series.

It's also during this moment that Maggie officially assumes leadership at the Hilltop, taking them to aid the survivors at the last moment. Every battle has to have their Han Solo/Helm's Deep moment.

It's at this point in the story that Dwight shows his true colors as well and betrays the Saviors in a major way, shooting several of his fellow survivors in the back as they throw more grenades into Alexandria. Paul, also known as Jesus, witnesses this and takes note. He also throws grenades back over the wall before they explode, which is extremely impressive. Hopefully that moment will make the midseason finale.

Gene Page/AMC

The Saviors ultimately retreat, in part due to a gas leak in one of their trucks. Negan, however, considers the smoking Safe-Zone to be a victory. It's actually here in the comics that Negan kidnaps Eugene and offers him employment, which is long past on the AMC series. In Issue 121, the aftermath of the bombing, the survivors go outside to discover that while the wall and gate have not been breached, half of the suburban houses have been destroyed. Most of the Alexandrians choose to evacuate their home, as it is no longer safe.

If this is indeed the story that the midseason finale chooses to tell on The Walking Dead, it will as always be interesting to see how certain aspects will be adapted to the screen. Will Heath make his epic return, only to lose a leg? If Carol takes Michonne's place, what will happen to Michonne? How do Aaron and Enid figure in to all of this? Even when The Walking Dead takes a page from the comics, it manages to surprise the audience and raise more questions — and the bombing of Alexandria should be the same.