Lyft's Response To That Capri Sun Scene In 'Insecure' Will Make '90s Babies Scream

Merie W. Wallace/HBO; erinasimon/Twitter

If you missed the third season premiere of Insecure on HBO, you'll want to go catch up immediately (it's really, really good — as always). Without giving away too many spoilers, main character Issa has picked up a new side hustle: Lyft driving. Those of us who are frequent rideshare app users have probably gotten into cars that are decked out with candy and water bottles, ready and waiting to be consumed by riders. Whether you're desperately thirsty or coming back from a night out, these little rideshare car perks can make all the difference. In Insecure, Issa got creative with a completely genius way to make her customers' nights: handing out Capri Sun pouches in her Lyft.

Imagine the car you called from a rideshare app pulling up and offering you a Capri Sun as soon as you take a seat — it's basically reminiscent of when your mom would pick you up from carpool in fifth grade. And unsurprisingly, the idea of bringing Capri Suns to Lyfts has already taken Twitter by storm.

Bustle reached out to Lyft about the buzz, and it turns out the company is more than on board with the idea. “Issa is definitely one of our most popular Lyft drivers and that comes as no surprise since she’s handing out Capri Suns and her passengers seem to love it. We’re not sure just yet if we’re bringing Capri Suns into all Lyft rides, but they could definitely be a thing in the future,” Lyft tells Bustle.

Who knows, in a few years' time Capri Sun and rideshare drive experiences could be a package deal (fingers crossed). Getting to taste that quintessential childhood drink could beat one of those miniature water bottles any day, and Twitter seems to agree.

Automatic five stars sounds about right — and I wholeheartedly second the notion that Issa's Capri Sun-stocked Lyft has changed the rideshare game. We may not have a company-wide Capri Sun policy available in all rideshare app cars yet, but we are getting closer. Grab and Uber have partnered up with Cargo, a New York-based startup company setting rideshare drivers up with boxes of snacks, drinks and beauty products to offer to passengers. For passengers, it's as simple as choosing a product from their driver's Cargo box, ordering it from their phones, and adding the cost to their ride fares. Drivers who use Cargo have the opportunity to make extra money on their rides — according to CNN, they could both improve their ratings and earn up to an extra $190 a month.

You'll find Cargo's vending machine-like in Ubers across larger cities like Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They seem to have a pretty wide range of options, from protein bars to spearmint gum to cans of Pringle — but something is still missing. Our recommendation? They add Capri Suns to the menu.

Lunchables too? If it were a perfect world, rideshare cars would be stocked up with all the best childhood snacks and drinks — I'm talking decked out with Uncrustables, Gushers, Sunny D, and cosmic brownies. Insecure is only three episodes into its third season and its already managed to rock the rideshare service industry. Issa (and her Capri Suns) for the win.