Meet The Millennials Going Back In Time To The Best Decade Ever On MTV’s ’90s House


MTV is still around, but a couple of decades ago, it was arguably much more of a cultural force. Back in the '90s, everyone who wanted to be cool wanted to be on MTV. With its new reality series, the network is throwing back to those days. The '90s House cast is made up 12 contestants who were selected be able to live that dream in 2017 by moving into a house together free of all 21st century technology and competing to win a cash grand prize of $90,000. The young millennial cast is made up of people who were just small children in that decade, but now get the joy of being adults in a throwback world.

'90s House is hosted by two artists who broke out in the TRL days: Christina Milian and Lance Bass. And the new MTV reality series places regular people who applied for its cast into a house where Y2K never happened. This means the fashion, the design, and even the technology of '90s House is dated and unfamiliar to the lucky people chosen for the show. (Let's see how they do when they have to give up their social media accounts!)

Which cast member will immerse themselves enough in the past to win the money? According to MTV's press release, these are the 12 contestants who'll be battling it out in the '90s House:

Chase, 24

Chase is a model and dancer that hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite coming from the City of Lights, Chase still considers himself a "small town boy" at heart. His favorite '90s show is Full House, which means he should fit right in in these cramped quarters.

Devin, 24

Devin is a basketball Player hailing from Washington, DC. He thinks himself to be a smooth-talking "ladies’ man," but that's up to the ladies in the '90s House to decide. He cites his favorite 90s show as Power Rangers, but unfortunately there are no superpowered suits that can help Devin win this competition.

Jenielle, 27

Jenielle comes from the Bronx in New York City, and feels comfortable admitting that she is a "mama's girl." She also proclaims she's "drama free," but that claim will be put to the test while inside the 90s House. Her favorite '90s artist is Janet Jackson, which is good because this competition is bound to get "Nasty."

Lexus, 23

Coming from Radford, Virginia, Lexus is considered an "Insta Addict." Unfortunately for her, there's no such thing as Instagram in the '90, but surely she'll learn to love putting together photo albums just as much. This self-proclaimed "Southern belle's" favorite '90s show is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but will she be able to slay the competition?

Mark, 29

Mark is the oldest of the 90s House denizens at 29, which means this tech trainer and strategist probably remembers the '90s better than anyone else there. His favorite band from the era is *NSYNC, so expect Mark to geek out whenever host Lance Bass shows up.

Patrick, 21

Patrick, also from Las Vegas, is a hopelessly romantic "pretty boy," according to his bio. And just like his favorite '90s artist, Tupac, Patrick is probably hoping that "All Eyez" will be on him.

Prince, 26

Prince is coming to the '90s House from Atlanta, Georgia and calls himself "The King of Shade", as well as a fashion icon and top competitor. His favorite movie is Home Alone, which is exactly what Prince hopes to be at the end of '90s House.

Sierra, 23

Sierra's bio says that she's got "beauty," "brains," is a "boy magnet." This Akron, Ohio native's favorite '90s Band is the Spice Girls. Sierra is looking to spice up her bank account by winning the grand prize.

Sha-Monique, 24

Sha-Monique's personality is dictated by three important F's: her bio says she's "fierce," "fun," and "fearless." She's a big fan of '90s girl group Destiny's Child, so hopefully she'll be able to find her Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams while in the '90s House.

Shannon, 22

This feminist rapper is hoping to make her '90a idol, Biggie Smalls, proud. Notorious B.I.G. always said more money equaled more problems, but it seems as though the promise $90,000 isn't too scary to Shannon.

Travana, 25

The Seattle mother loves Nirvana, considers herself a "sass queen," and hates snakes. As long as '90s House doesn't turn into Fear Factor, Travana likely won't have to worry about any reptilian pests.

William, 27

This New York native owns a shop dedicated to the '90s, and all that knowledge could end up putting an extra $90,000 in his pocket.

With 12 contestants and only one grand prize, '90s House may begin to look like the most iconic '90s reality show, The Real World, as people stop being polite and start getting real.