Here Are All The Celebrities Who Show Up In The New Season Of 'Arrested Development'

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Arrested Development is known for its core cast of unforgettable characters, but some of the best performances in the series have come from notable guest stars. While the episodes that premiered on May 29 don't introduce nearly as many new characters as the show's star-studded Season 4, the guest stars in Arrested Development Season 5 Part 1 include a parade of fan favorite returning characters. Of course, the first half of the new season continues to expand the world, and the few new additions to the cast fit perfectly into the goofy, irreverent universe of Arrested Development. Spoilers for Arrested Development Season 5 Part 1 ahead.

The first four seasons of Arrested Development included turns from major stars, including Charlize Theron as Michael's love interest Rita Leeds; Terry Crews as Herbert Love; Amy Poehler as Gob's wife, and Liza Minnelli as the vertigo-afflicted Lucille Austero. While none of these memorable characters return for Season 5 (well, Lucille 2 is evidently out there somewhere), the Bluths are forced to confront various people from their past as they try and make a fresh start for the family. From fellow housing developers to influential Hollywood families, here are all the celebrity cameos in the first eight episodes of Arrested Development Season 5.

John Beard As John Beard

John Beard may be known to the Los Angeles community as the longtime anchor of KTTV, but Arrested Development fans know him as the show's longtime resident newsman. A frequent reporter on Bluth antics, Beard returns in Season 5 to clean up the Bluth model home after his filming of "To Entrap a Local Predator" and to serve as an announcer for the 2nd of July 4th of July parade.

Martin Mull As Gene Parmesan

While he doesn't make an in-person appearance, Lucille Bluth's favorite private investigator is seen in a picture in the season's first episode.

Judy Greer As Kitty

George Sr.'s long-time assistant got a job working for Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment in Season 4, and Season 5 sees Michael crawling back to her to ask some favors.

Isla Fisher As Rebel Alley

The unfortunate love triangle between George Michael, Michael, and Ron Howard's fictional daughter Rebel Alley continues in Season 5 — although Rebel Alley is usually too busy filming to have an active love life.

Christine Taylor As Sally Sitwell

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Christine Taylor reprises her role as Sally Sitwell, member of the rival Sitwell real estate family, campaign manager for Lucille Austero, lover of Tony Wonder, and former love interest of Michael Bluth. Following the disappearance of Lucille Austero, Sitwell dedicates all of her energy to sabotaging the Bluths — when she's not trying to sneak Tony Wonder through an airport in a suitcase.

Kyle Mooney As Murphy

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The most notable new character in the Arrested Development universe is Murphy, a hapless young man that Tobias takes under his wing and becomes a father figure to. While Murphy may have dreams of being a dog veterinarian, Tobias refuses to have a son who does not pursue an artistic discipline.

Dermot Mulroney As Dusty

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Dermot Mulroney, known for roles in New Girl, August: Osage County, and My Best Friend's Wedding, plays the beach hippie Dusty in AD Season 5. Dusty becomes the latest love interest of Lucille Bluth, spurring the jealousy of George Sr.

Ed Begley Jr. As Stan Sitwell

Ed Begley Jr. returns as the patriarch of the Sitwell family, who ends up becoming Maeby's roommate as she hides out at a retirement community.

Henry Winkler As Barry Zuckerkorn

Henry Winkler returns as "the worst f*cking attorney" Barry Zuckerkorn — as enthusiastic and ineffective as ever.

Maria Bamford As DeBrie

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Season 5 is awful light on Lindsay Bluth, but Tobias manages to find an actor who can serve as a perfect replacement — Debrie. His former muse is found pretending to be Lindsay to pursue a relationship with Marky Bark, her ex who fell in love with Lindsay and happens to have face blindness.

Frances Conroy As Lottie Dottie Da

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Frances Conroy, known for roles in Six Feet Under and American Horror Story, plays the clumsily named Lottie Dottie Da, a district attorney that the Bluths need to try and make happy so that they can keep their family out of prison.

The Howard Family

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One episode of this season of Arrested Development involves George Michael joining Rebel Alley at a Howard family barbecue. Ron Howard's has served as the narrator of the series since the beginning, and he became an on-camera presence in Season 4. The famous director returns to throw the barbecue, but the show also introduces his family, all playing themselves, including Ron Howard's wife Cheryl Alley, their children Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, Jocelyn Howard, and Reed Cross, plus Ron's father Rance Howard.

Whenever it drops, Season 5 Part 2 will undoubtedly feature even more celebrity cameos, returning actors, and any remaining members of the Howard family who couldn't make it to the barbecue.

Editor's note: Season 5 is controversial due to the presence of Jeffrey Tambor, who was fired from Transparent after being accused of sexual harassment by two co-stars (he denies these claims); he also admitted to and apologized for verbally harassing Jessica Walter on the Arrested Development set in a recent New York Times piece. Co-stars Jason Bateman, David Cross, Will Arnett and Tony Hale were criticized for seeming to defend Tambor and minimize Walter's experience, in the same interview. Bateman, Cross, and Hale have since apologized.